PCA site all jumbled

  watchful 13:36 13 May 2003

Just logged in at 13.26 and had to wait ages to get on.

Then, when I clicked on a thread, the next page came up all to the right side, blank down the left. Scrolling only made more of page disappear.

Anyone else experiencing this today?

Win XP Home. 56k dial-up.

  crx1600 13:38 13 May 2003

yes, had something similar since yesterday evening.

im getting a rather wide 'flash' advert below the PCA Poll, which is pushing all the threads off the screen.

i cant even make out what the offending advert is.

  rawprawn 13:39 13 May 2003

No prblems here, same OS

  VoG™ 13:39 13 May 2003

Yes had same thing earlier today, seems OK now.

W98, IE 5.5 (at work, yawn).

  -pops- 13:39 13 May 2003

I did early this morning. Seems to have fixed itself now though.

  watchful 13:46 13 May 2003

Yes, mine was the same. It seemed connected to the ad.

OK just now but slow moving between threads.

  crx1600 13:51 13 May 2003

yes, i did jump the gun a bit, of only just signed into the forum, and the problem from last night does seem to of cleared.

off and on

  watchful 14:02 13 May 2003

It seems to have sorted itself now so must have been a temporary glitch.

  otubby1 15:16 13 May 2003

I thought it was just my machine. It just happened to me again but I didn't see the ad, just the wide gap in the middle?

  crx1600 15:31 13 May 2003

here's a screenshot of the offending ad click here it is only happening occasionally.

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