User-312386 09:37 30 Mar 2003

This is to FE/PC ADVISOR

I and many others would like to know why this thread click here was locked?

You say "We're not distributing the Strewth OS via this site." although you let a topic about it click here go on for 595 post!

Surely this is double standards?

On the one hand you let a massive post carry on and on the other hand, when people are interested about the operating system you lock the thread about its availability?

I realise that I will not probably get a "Fair Hearing" asking about this, although i know there are a few members who feel that locking of this thread was simply Unfair.


  muppetmark 09:51 30 Mar 2003

A simple redirection to the thread would have been some HELP for him, rather than just locking his thread

  two00lbwaster 09:55 30 Mar 2003

madboy i dont think that pca relised how the thread was going to turn out especially with the online tech press getting in on the act.

also even though i know flecc takes the utmost care in making sure that people have got a valid win98 peice of software as well as the 98lite as well, it's still a bit 'dodgey' him sending out cd's with the os on even if they have a valid licence.

the thread is a useful resource but the best man to contact about making your own version ,which you have to do with strewth anyway, is flecc and im sure he'll email the info he has as a word doc or something

  -pops- 10:28 30 Mar 2003

You are wasting your time expecting an explanation of any actions of PCA. If you read the Rules of Engagement or Site Policy as it is known (bottom of page) you will see what you have agreed to by joining the forum. This includes any decision made by PCA as being final - meaning they have to explain nothing.

This not is not intended to be any criticism of you or of PCA, just a statement of fact.


  A Pound of Sausages 10:39 30 Mar 2003

It's common courtesy to explain things though.

  Taran 11:10 30 Mar 2003

I should think that we wouldn't get very much done in here at all if we expected any and every decision to be explained in full before we proceeded on to the next issue at hand.

While thread locking and editing may not be to everyone's tastes, at the risk of repeating what has already been covered in the forums many times, PCA have certain very real legal obligations about what they can and cannot publish.

We don't have to understand it, we don't have to agree with it, we don't even have to like it, but where necessary certain pruning of threads will always take place. I think that keeping a firm perspective is a good help in this and similar cases.

How many of us would be asking for an explanation if the PCA site and forums disappeared as the result of legal action taken by software companies ?

Sound unrealistic ?

You'd be surprised.

I am not attempting to be an apologist for PCA, nor am I in cahoots with the magazine or its staff as has been suggested by some in the past. Just keep in mind that there are some very real and very dangerous boundaries here, beyond which PCA cannot and will not go.



I totally agree with everything that you have mentioned with regards to reasons why threads may be locked or removed.

However, none of this applies to the thread in question!

No, the FE has said we will not get an explanation and that is the perogative of PCA but I reiterate that I feel it is a shame that this has escalated into what it now is. From my reading of the threads the course of events are as follows -

Member requests help and refers to website - website in chinese - Members sends two emails to respondents of thread in bad english - thread though to be wind up by some - others identify genuine request for help - thread locked!

Where are the legal issues? Surely a simple redirection the Fleccs thread would have been suffcient for the topic to be resolved amicably?

  Forum Editor 11:44 30 Mar 2003

but I do think that some of you might take the time to have a wee think before posting these assertive "Give us an explanation" threads.

First of all, the thread that you refer to has got absolutely nothing to do with you has it? It was posted by another forum member, and how on earth do you know what private correspondence we might have had with said member - and many others for that matter?

All this waffle about common courtesy might be better directed at other forum members, rather than me/us and a simple email to me would have cleared it up quickly and without the public and misplaced display of dissent that does so much harm in the forum.

I'm ashamed of the way that some of you seem to tap away at the keyboard without pausing for thought. Dealings between us and individual forum members are condidential, and will never, ever be explained or justified in open forum.

We let flecc's "massive post" carry on for various reasons - partly because he has been with us for a very long time. I have worked with flecc via the forum for a couple of years, and we have a high regard for his operating system knowledge. In addition, we felt that topics such as this ought to be given time to develop. Things reached the stage where we recognised a need for caution, and after consultations with others we decided (with flecc's full agreement) to stop the thread. Nothing sinister about it, just old-fashioned professionalism, and concern for the forum's standing in the industry.

That's my last word on the subject - I don't react well to bullying, as you can gather, and I'm not here to justify my every move in open forum. We're here to help people with computer problems, not to have post mortems about every editorial decision we make.

  Belatucadrus 11:47 30 Mar 2003

While I think the PCA response was a little abrupt, consider their options as flecc is distributing strewth himself and it isn't available as a download, PCA would either have had to contact him in order to get him to assist everytime anybody posts an interest in strewth. Or post his contact details, a surefire way to get him deluged with spam, for which I'm sure he would be endlessly grateful. Catch 22 I think.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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