pca not loading

  picklsey 06:19 12 Oct 2004

what,s happening is when i try to connect to pca forum is all i,m getting is the pca logo and a grey screen.when i click the refresh button some times it will load other times it won,t,it has loaded just now but it is just pot luck.i have ran adaware its the first time i,ve had this problem any ideas please.xp home sp2.

  Valvegrid 06:25 12 Oct 2004

There is a problem, I get the same and I run Xandros Linux, so its not your O/S.

  picklsey 06:30 12 Oct 2004

valvegrid thanks for that it only started last night i had to click the refresh several times just to read your response.cheers.

  Forum Editor 07:00 12 Oct 2004

So please bear with us.

  picklsey 07:19 12 Oct 2004

fe thanks for letting me know it,s not a problem with my pc.it had been driving me nuts i thought i had done something i shouldn,t have.

  iscanut 07:34 12 Oct 2004

Thought the problem was with my browsers. Had been getting no luck with either IE or Firefox. Been driving me nuts as well !!

  daisy2bell 09:10 12 Oct 2004

Yeah, I'm getting that as well win98SE

  end 09:16 12 Oct 2004

and had this several days ago as well , ; but, a way IN , if you have any links from e mails sent to you, is to use that link; that was the only way I could get in a few days ago;

thought it was only me..terrible problems this morning::))

  end 09:25 12 Oct 2004

( and am on Win 98se; originally thought this was only me the other day when impossible to get in the "front door" way and went sort-of in by a very circuitous "back-door" route, as everthing I did, even my desk-top short-cut icon took me straight to an advert, and thought" spyware on here", and every time I clicked on anything it took me straight to the adverts, so the forum was no-go for several days here)

  georgemac 09:37 12 Oct 2004

no problems at all, been in and out since 7am this morning, no probs yesterday evening either

  VoG II 09:40 12 Oct 2004

Same here but I know that others cannot get in.

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