PCA and the new Firefox Update

  birdface 18:54 20 Feb 2012

Anyone having problems with PCA since the new Firefox update.

All I get is waiting for PCA or waiting for CDN1.2.3 or for 4.Or others.The last one was waiting for Facebook and it took about 40 seconds and I don't even use Facebook.

It will load the pages fairly quickly but it will not fully load with the results at the bottom left of the page Waiting For!!! and it normally goes through a list of things that it is waiting to load.

Like I said the Last one for Facebook took over 40 seconds to load.

This has been going on for about a week or so but can only think maybe since the last Firefox update.

Anyone else notice this problem or is it only me.

  birdface 18:57 20 Feb 2012

Well that was a bit of a nightmare trying to send that.it took about 5 attempts and It would just say basically that PCA was not available.

I was expecting to see about 5 different posts for the same thing.

  TonyV 19:03 20 Feb 2012


Mine is the same. On IE9 and Win7 Home Premium. PCA is pitifully this evening and as for posting, I have time to add comments before it is actually sent off! See the comments on the Pineman100 thread.


  TonyV 19:04 20 Feb 2012

Should be .....pitifully slow...


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:05 20 Feb 2012

Really slow tonight

  lucky1 19:17 20 Feb 2012

Painfully slow. And am getting frequent warnings from Norton that the site is unsafe and do I wish to continue. Velly strange!!

  birdface 19:19 20 Feb 2012

I just read the comments on the I/E thread and noticed they were having problems on I/E as well so looks like it is just a PCA problem and nothing to do with the new Firefox update.

I do use another site that uses CDN and they have had a bit of trouble over the last week or so.

Same sort of problem waiting for CDN etc, etc.I am sure CDN is supposed to make the web sites quicker but not at the moment.

  birdface 22:54 20 Feb 2012

Down again looks like an early bed.

It's not just you! http://www.techadvisor.co.uk looks down from here.

  birdface 22:59 20 Feb 2012

Looks like they must have been working on it.It's back again.

Maybe not back 100% but near to it.

  northumbria61 11:04 21 Feb 2012

It has just been down again in the last 15 mins - appears to be okay now.

  Matt Egan 11:08 21 Feb 2012

It's a PCA problem, I'm afraid. The guys are working on it now.

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