Is this PCA link safe ? Why does it do this.

  mooly 07:53 29 Jan 2011

Front page of todays PCA site has this article on "top 10 web hacking techniques"
click here

Now this may be nothing at all so perhaps someone could explain.

The "evercookies" paragraph has a link to... evercookies.
This is the link copied from PCA,
click here

That link for me causes the "Windows click sound"... not sure the correct name, I call it the letter box sound (a soft double tick sound from the speakers, not the HDD) to continually occur every few seconds.

Why ?

Other web pages never noticeably do this, and as this is a malware subject !

Also the text in the IE8 tab displaying that page from the link occasionally flickers and dissapears for a instant.

Again, why ?

Other web pages never do this.

  mooly 08:36 29 Jan 2011

Read posts 1,3 and 24 here,

click here

  mooly 17:46 29 Jan 2011

Thoughts anyone :-)

  octal 08:35 30 Jan 2011

I'm not sure about one of those links, the crashed my browser, which is very rare. I am using Firefox and Linux Ubuntu.

I do notice that it keeps refreshing every few seconds for some reason.

  Forum Editor 10:18 30 Jan 2011

and have limited access to resources. I'll take a look at this in more detail when I get back this evening.

  mooly 11:18 30 Jan 2011


  rdave13 12:21 30 Jan 2011

Tried the link and, as octal says, it keeps refreshing and uses up a lot of CPU. Interesting read on the Piriform forum and might try BleachBit.
Wonder if it's the reason SAS always asks for a reboot when it gets rid of cookies?

  Matt Egan 08:25 31 Jan 2011

It is according to McAfee Site Advisor:

click here

It's simply refreshing the page to check for cookies as l24 states and, clearly, if anyone has problems after clicking that link we'd like to know about it. But so far as I can tell there's no reason to remove that page: it's information about Evercookie, rather than an example of it.


  mooly 12:26 31 Jan 2011

Many thanks for checking it out Matt.

I can't quite grasp why that site should be set up to refresh every few seconds...

Reading l24's post why does it need to do this ?

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