PCA ISSUE 162 DVD - AVG & Avast flagging it

  Seth Haniel 13:08 09 Nov 2008

AVG8 detects on DVD:-
PPD\Print Perfect Deluxe.msi - Adware Generic. TXH
PPD\Print Perfect Deluxe.msi:\Binary.New_Binary3 - Adware Generic. TXH
AVAST4 detects:-
PPD\Print Perfect Deluxe.msi - "Win32:HelpExp-B [Adw]"
PPD\Print Perfect Deluxe.msi:\Binary.New_Binary3 - "Win32:HelpExp-B [Adw]"

on installing PPD
AVAST4 detects:- Win32:HelpExp-B [Adw] in Locals~1\Temp\MSI35.tmp
recommended action: Move to chest
Then a window pops up - Print Perfect Deluxe Installer Information Error 1721 There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package. A program required to this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

Though it sems to have installed at this point

are these false positives ??

  Forum Editor 13:57 09 Nov 2008

I've received no other notifications, but to be sure I'll pass your comments to Richard, our CD/DVD Editor.

  Sea Urchin 14:34 09 Nov 2008

Do I detect you're running two AV programs? If so not recommended.

  Seth Haniel 15:06 09 Nov 2008

different packs on different machines t o check DVD and both are flagging the same error
-if I had third pc wirth another package I'd try that and see if the same fault in the same programme shows

  Sea Urchin 16:35 09 Nov 2008

I thought after I posted that might be the case. Since then I have installed the Print Perfect program from the disk, and had no complaints from my AVG8. Mind you - mine is the CD version - wonder if that makes a difference?

  Woolwell 17:07 09 Nov 2008

After your posts I ran a Kaspersky 2009 check on my DVD. It came up with 2 adware alerts for the Print Perfect Deluxe both adware win32.helpexpress. Suspect that it is over reacting and that it is linked to ads within the program.

  xMystik 11:59 10 Nov 2008


My name is Steve Smith and I work for the company that publishes this software. I've just scanned the installer, original dvd and the final installation file. No problems were found.

I agree with the previous poster, this looks like over reacting on the part of some anti-virus programs. I suspect that this could be triggered by the auto update/registration part of the installer.

If anyone has any further concerns, please feel free to email our tech support office using the following address:-

[email protected]

All the best


  Seth Haniel 15:56 10 Nov 2008

better safe than sorry

  Forum Editor 16:59 10 Nov 2008

Many thanks for your prompt response - much appreciated.

  bluto1 19:08 10 Nov 2008

I've only just signed in and was going to post a similar thread on the same subject.
In my case the same malware was discovered by SpyBot.
I'll email xMystik in support.

  Seth Haniel 08:10 11 Nov 2008

well thats 4 seperate programs finding the item - AVG8 - Avast4 - Spybot & Kaspersky 2009

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