PCA Headache

  woodchip 11:51 24 Mar 2003

Are you getting the same problem as me, on Dial-up it's just as if buttons on the sit do not respond or it just stops when it's loading a page I have had this prob for about two weeks

  emmandelo1 11:57 24 Mar 2003

I'm on Broadband and even with that this site seems to be running slow this morning!

  €dstow 12:02 24 Mar 2003

For the first time in ages this site is running at a "normal" speed. Perhaps you've now got what I been having to put up with for so long!;-))

BTW on broadband and sometimes been waiting two minutes and then getting timed out.

It's only here, everything else is working normally. The problem has been discussed at length before but there does seem some reluctance on PCAs side to agree that it is real.


  woodchip 12:04 24 Mar 2003

I was thinking that it's because I have disabled Doubleclick and Vibrantmedia cookies, and it was not competing loading page cause I have them turned of. Maybe FE China can answer that for me

  spikeychris 12:06 24 Mar 2003

Woodchip pop outside and see if any of those sheep are stood on the pipe..


  woodchip 12:06 24 Mar 2003

Completing not competing

  Pesala 12:08 24 Mar 2003

It seems like only a week ago that we were talking about passing the magic 90,000 mark. It is already over 96,000 and won't be long before the magic 100,000 figure is reached. There seems to be a big increase in traffic with the rapid take up of Broadband. If you pay a fixed fee the inclination is to use it as much as you want to get your money's worth.

  woodchip 12:20 24 Mar 2003

I am of out side to some work on my van, it makes more sense than struggling on hear with the site at the Mo, may even go look at a few spring lambs. I will come back in an hour and see if it's improved

  hugh-265156 12:26 24 Mar 2003

ok here i do have problems from time to time still having to right click and show pictures.

  Litlun 12:53 24 Mar 2003

Like you woodchip I've had problems, only on this site, for about two weeks. Often just getting plain white blank pages -- no error messages or anything, just no further progress.

  €dstow 13:05 24 Mar 2003

I think that very, very few of the 96,000 Registered users are active. This can be judged by the small number of new names that appear here and who stay more than one visit. This is not meant as a negative comment, I'm sure that people come along with a problem, get it fixed and perhaps never come here again. Fine but, their name remains on the user list. I think it's called propaganda (in the nicest possible way of course) - "Mine's bigger than yours" type of thing - referring to the membership list, of course.

There are a number of "lurkers" as well who take everything in but very seldom take an active part in discussion. Again, nothing wrong with that but I think even taking into account the lurkers, there is still very much a shortfall of the 96,000 ACTIVE users.

Anyway, sorry for going on, that wasn't the point on me sending this. It was to say that my speeds have now started to diminish and it took 56 seconds from clicking to get this page on screen. Earlier it was about 1 second.


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