PCA gift saga

  muergo2 14:10 17 Jan 2011

Moved this from old thread going back months from others as well about non receipt of headphones.

Still not received any headphones last reminder early November, rang again yesterday,(15th Jan) and was promised for a fourth time that they would send some, I said that I would take the current Windows7 book instead but she refused and said another set of headphones would be sent and that the 'system' did not send recorded delivery as I had requested.

I am now seriously considering cancelling and starting from scratch again some months from now as WH Smith have been issuing discount vouchers for magazines making them cheaper and also I can always switch to PC Pro if they have something more interesting that month.

  sunnystaines 14:35 17 Jan 2011

years ago i used to be a PCA subscriber, never did get the promotional gift, after several chase ups gave up.

do not subscribe to mags these days

  gengiscant 14:39 17 Jan 2011

Customer service does not seem to be very high on the PCA list. I had a bit of trouble purchasing a copy of the mag,2 months in a row, even though I ordered it through my local newsagent.
I had a bit of email contact with Matt Egan but that soon dried up,so I switched to Custom PC and only get PCA if I happen to see it,on the odd occasion I am in town.(Edinburgh).

  Payroll2 15:24 17 Jan 2011

also waiting for the windows 7 book after renewing to date no sign of gift :(

  muergo2 18:12 18 Jan 2011

I wanted the W7 book as I think the headphones are missing again, but see if your book arrives before second edition, might be W8 by then!!!

I am not sure how we stand legally on this, as I did not purchase the headphones, they were an incentive to buy, so not Trading Standards, more likely Advertising Standards.

The competing magazine offered a free copy in last Saturdays Telegraph and offered 3 more issues for £1, I have ordered that.

  lotvic 18:58 18 Jan 2011

link to other thread click here so we know what you are on about

  Forum Editor 23:54 18 Jan 2011

but I'll see what I can do. I know someone who will investigate.

I've only just spotted this thread, so apologies for the delay. It's sometimes better (faster anyway) if you email me direct with this kind of problem.

  Matt Egan 08:17 19 Jan 2011

I've made sure the appropriate people are aware of your justified unhappiness, and passed on my own concern that something is clearly going wrong here. We absolutely do consider customer service a high priority, and I'm personally affronted that we have clearly let several of you down.


  emmavanb 10:57 19 Jan 2011

I look after subscriptions for PC Advisor and would like to apologise for your gifts having not shown up.
I am looking into why your gifts have not been sent out with our subscription bureau, however in the meantime could you all please get in touch with me on 0207 756 2861 or email me at [email protected]. I am more than happy to send out any outstanding gifts from our offices.
Once more, I am incredibly sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  muergo2 19:54 19 Jan 2011

No signs of any headphones yet but I suppose it will be another three weeks before something reminds me they haven't arrived.

I can't understand why a current gift cannot be substituted, who knows where the older ones are.

  sunnystaines 07:35 20 Jan 2011

when you pop round, ring before hand i have a "windows7 insideout" book you can have, everything you need to know about w7 is in there.

google it for further info.

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