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  Abel 12:42 19 Oct 2009

I'm having some difficulty with the way PCA diplays on my monitor. From the start, let me say I do not have a wide screen monitor. The display on my screen has a left-hand margin roughly equal to the menu margin. Whereas normally the display sits centrally on my screen, showing the menu margin to the left and the last response data and numbers of responses to the right, a part of the response data is now off view and needs the horizontal scroll bar to view. The question is, is anyone else experiencing the problem or is it my monitor?


  woodchip 14:47 19 Oct 2009

You need to go to Control Panel\Display and change the resolution to fit your monitor

  Bagsey 15:25 19 Oct 2009

I am having something very similar to you. On my display the PCA page jumps from left to right and back again. It repeats this continually whist I am on the front page of this Helproom.
Strangely this does not happen when I leave the front page and look at this thread, as an example it is not jumping now.
I have also tried the consumerwatch front page and it does not happen there. I have no trouble with any other forum front page. I have just tried the PC Plus forum and that is stable. I think that I can say that this jumping only happens on PCA front page.Anyone with any ideas on what is causing it.Thanks

  Bagsey 15:29 19 Oct 2009

After posting the above response this page did its little dance, but has settled down now????????

  Abel 15:32 19 Oct 2009

Exactly, Bagsey. What you describe happens to me too. I do hope others experience this too, and perhaps FE could have someone have a look at the situation.

Sorry Woodchip, I've been on 800x600 screen resolution for years and have used this site for a long time without this problem ever happening before so regretably your suggestion will not have any effect.


  Abel 15:34 19 Oct 2009

Yes Bagsey, it does settle down eventually, but left justifies showing the additional blank margin while hiding other information to the right.


  woodchip 15:52 19 Oct 2009

Well I had the Problem on one of my monitors a Hansol Crt After changing Resolution It corrected it, I think it was the Graphics card on the way out, but it kept going after

  Bagsey 15:53 19 Oct 2009

Thats strange mine is right justified. ???
Like you I have used this monitor over the life of 3 computers and on PCA for that long and have never experienced this before. I hope that the Forum Editor can offer some explanation.
This has been happening for several weeks now and I have done 2 system restores which have not helped so it must be something about the page.

  woodchip 15:54 19 Oct 2009

No jumping hear using Live Linux CD and Firefox Browser

  Abel 17:07 19 Oct 2009

Until you mentioned that your screen right justifies Bagsey, I hadn't noticed that there's an identical blank margin down the right-hand side of the page too. Obviously, there's something amiss. FE, could someone have a look at this please


  Abel 07:54 23 Oct 2009

Problem now resolved. Very many thanks to whoever mad it possible.


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