PCA Ads over-lapping text in threads.

  Technotiger 18:03 18 Oct 2007

Hi Guys, am finding Ads on this site are occasionally over-lapping the text in threads, am wondering how many have experienced this and does anyone have a solution. I have contacted FE, with a screen-shot, but have not heard back yet.

See the screen-shot at the end of this thread -

click here

  SANTOS7 18:06 18 Oct 2007

think its the way the link has been posted, its too long for the page...

  Technotiger 18:11 18 Oct 2007

Thanks for commenting, but it is not just to do with that particular link, it happens anyway without a link. Have also seen the same thing on other threads, one in particular was a thread from Sea Princess a little while ago.

  SANTOS7 18:13 18 Oct 2007

Could just be glitch, it has happened to me before now and it sorted itself..

  Technotiger 18:19 18 Oct 2007

Sending email problem - BT Yahoo and Outlook 2003
Posted by Chillie on Sun, 14/10/07

Would you have a look at the above thread, see if the Ad on the right of the page is over-lapping the threads' text, please.

I think Chillie is having the same thing happen.

  VoG II 18:29 18 Oct 2007

Its because somebody :o) posted a long link (which failed) causing the text to overlap where the ads are supposed to be.

  SANTOS7 18:36 18 Oct 2007

give us a mo i'll have a look..

Yea same for m, tis the URLs, too long...

  Technotiger 18:38 18 Oct 2007

Hi VoG™, I have posted long links, and if it had not happened on other threads, I could accept that that may well be the cause - but I have seen it on other threads with no long links involved.

  SANTOS7 18:38 18 Oct 2007

click here

this will help...

  Technotiger 18:42 18 Oct 2007

Hmmm, got me thinking though Guys, if I post a long link in this thread perhaps that would be a good test?

  Forum Editor 18:43 18 Oct 2007

but have not heard back yet."

I responded to your email four days ago - at 18:40 on 14/10/07 to be precise. The message didn't bounce, so I guess it's in your inbox somewhere.

You inadvertantly created the problem yourself, as VoG™ has pointed out.

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