woodchip 15:03 26 Oct 2003

Is the Site dying it's last breath, it seem's to be down more than it is running. What with this and my Dial-Up I feel like pulling the plug on the internet. It as just taken me 7 goes to connect on the new so called faster Dial-Up NTL service............!!!!!!!! .....I used to connect first time every time

  AL D. 15:09 26 Oct 2003

stay with us Colin,It could be that the powers that be are still trying to force dial-up customers on to Broadband,

  recap 15:09 26 Oct 2003

Teething problems I would think, woodchip.

  woodchip 15:14 26 Oct 2003

I have just had to shut Dial-Up down, and remake connection to get full speed for a check on This site click here

  seedie 16:08 26 Oct 2003

I find that this site is whizzing along.

Using Opera 6.? and Breathe, much criticised ISP, and on at 40K

  Morpheus© 16:13 26 Oct 2003

my guess is that the PC's and servers at PCA HQ are playing up and they cant get online to ask us for help, FE had a go at fixing them, hence total shutdown :-))))

  Forum Editor 17:08 26 Oct 2003

why is it always you who posts these threads? Nobody else seems to have the problems that you do, and i wonder if they're related to the area in which you live - Internet connectivity varies from area to area, and depends on routers and switches.

The site isn't "dying it's last breath" (whatever that means) at all. We've redesigned it to make it a better looking, and more functional site, and the vast majority of the many emails we've received have confirmed that is exactly what we've done. There have been teething problems, but we're working on them, and we think that in the main the site is running well. Outages are unforeseen, and when they happen at weekends it's an additional problem.

Bear with us, and please don't keep posting these "that's it, I'm off" type threads. Many people think that free access to a site like this is a pretty good thing, and worth putting up with the odd glitch for.

  SGT BARNES 17:17 26 Oct 2003

you mean the odd glitch everyday god knows how many times a day.

most of the time i just get a message saying the server is down , i understand you may be having teething problems but , why change the site when you know your going to have problems.

why not sort the problems out first then open the new site .

  picklesy 17:37 26 Oct 2003

had problems all day with site.first time it,s happened,hopefully last.

  Smiler 18:22 26 Oct 2003

I think the forum editor is right. Bear with them and see what benefits we get down the line. What do you want for free. I bet a lot of people using this site don't even subscribe to PCA, so they are putting nothing in the pot as far as paying to run the site goes. I'm sure that a couple of ads at the side of the page don't go far. A lot of people save a lot of money by getting a solution to their problem from here. If you're going to go don't talk about it just do it but we would rather you stayed and helped others because that is what it's all about.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:28 26 Oct 2003

I am in total agreement with smiler.


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