PC2100 / PC2700 Memory

  russmini 20:46 29 Apr 2005

Having been onto msi site and downloaded the manual for my motherboard it says,

Supports two 184-pin DIMM.

Supports up to 2GB PC2100/PC1600 DDR SDRAM

Supports 2.5v DDr SDRAM

Ok, kind of understand that, but when i run everest, it says that i have 1 PC2700 memory module, presume this is backward compatible then as comp runs fine.

So real question i want to upgrade to 1GB total, i.e. 2off 512mb modules.

What would be the best type to buy ?

Yes will be buying 2off new 512mb


  Joe R 21:05 29 Apr 2005


what MSI mobo is it.?

  Joe R 21:06 29 Apr 2005

also what cpu.

  russmini 21:20 29 Apr 2005

P4MAM-V Series motherboard

CPU, at mo, Celeron 2.40 Ghz, but soonish to be replaced by P4 3.06 Ghz, that is max mobo can take.

  dan11 21:36 29 Apr 2005

According to crucial ( who never get it wrong :-) ) The board will take pc3200, pc2700 and pc2100
click here

  russmini 21:47 29 Apr 2005

mmm interesting, i did look on crucial's site but went with comp model not mobo model, which seems to be better, ok, so is PC3200 backward compatible then ? presume it will just run at top spec of mobo i.e. PC2100 ?

  dan11 22:19 29 Apr 2005

If crucial say pc3200 will run on your motherboard. They will guarantee that it will work.

yes pc3200 is backwards compatable. It will just run at 133Mhz ( pc2100 ).

  DieSse 22:50 29 Apr 2005

Crucial WILL guarantee that memory they say will work, will work, or they will exchange it.

In practice, whether faster RAM will rum successfully at lower speeds depends on the RAM, and on the motherboard. Timing specifications for faster RAM have less tolerance then for slower modules, and the motherboard may not be up to it (or it may).

The worst situation, though, is that you fit RAM that actually does work, but gives strange intermittent problems over time.

So - whilst it may work fine, IMHO I always recommend to fit RAM that agrees with the board manufactuers specifications.

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