PC2100 and PC 2700

  Lady Lara 19:36 08 Jan 2005

Will using one ram stick of each conflict witht the other?

  Totally-braindead 19:39 08 Jan 2005

It shouldn't as long as they are both compatible with the motherboard, however if your machine uses PC2700 and you stick a slab of PC2100 in it it will dramatically slow it up. If it uses 2100 and you put in 2700 it'll be ok. As long as both slabs of memory are compatible with the motherboard.

  bremner 20:11 08 Jan 2005

If you use two sticks of different speed both will run at the slower speed.

  dan11 21:31 08 Jan 2005

Lady Lara

You seem to be hitting a lot of difficulties installing this ram for your friend.I have pc2100 and pc2700 running together on this system. click here So as Totally-braindead and bremner say. it will run as long as it is compatible but at a lower speed.

Have you tried taking out the original ram module and putting the new one in it's place i.e. same slot as the old one. Then seeing if it will boot up. If it does boot then put the old ram in the next available slot.

It may be that the motherboard is configured to run at a percentage of cpu speed, this may cause difficulties with 2 speeds of ram. If this is so, then the make and model of the motherboard would be needed.

Hope you get it running soon as you have put a lot of time and effort into this.:-)

  Lady Lara 22:13 08 Jan 2005

Yeah dan11... problems.... OK then. I have taken out her Ram and replaced it with the 184 pin PC2100 256Md DDr Ram. Windows did not start.... I then replaced hers and all ok. Yet the Ram works in my daughters so it appears that it is not faulty. I am getting frustrated now

  Totally-braindead 22:20 08 Jan 2005

Lady Lara its likely that the motherboard is not compatable with the memory. If this is the case then you'll not be able to get it to work. You need to go here click here put in what make and model your motherboard is and it will tel you what memory your motherboard can use. If you're unsure what motherboard you have then download this click here this will tell you, may also tell you what memory you have.

  dan11 22:36 08 Jan 2005

Lady Lara

Yes it looks as if it's the worst scenario. I can only echo Totally-braindead's good suggestion. Your next step must be to find out what motherboard it has and what ram is compatible to that board.

Can you tell us if you bought 2700 or 2100 and also what speed was already in the machine.

Don't worry, things may look bleak but there is always a solution.;-)

  Lady Lara 19:19 11 Jan 2005

Well, I have run Belarc advisor and on my neighbours PC and it tells me the serial number of her PC. I go to PB website and using memory config progrm it tells me that the RAM I have previously tried to install is ideal.


I hope you can explain why the RAM suggested does not work when it works in another PC!!

Was hoping that suggested RAM would be different.

I did try to resit RAM in mobo to check connections as well.

  dan11 23:50 11 Jan 2005

Lady Lara

Lets hope this will shed some light on your problem. I have had a look in the gigabyte website and can only find the manual for the GA-8siml rev 1.0. This should have the same chipset as your friends computer.

First of all it recommends, that if any new memory is installed and the system refuses to boot, to reset the cmos. I don't think you will need to do this as you have a stick of pc2100 that boots up fine.

I can see 2 separate settings that need to be checked or altered to get the pc2700 up and running.

The first setting is under advanced chipset features. click here make sure that top performance is disabled and that configure dram timming is set to auto.

The second setting that needs looking at is under frequency/ voltage control. click here What you need to look at is the dram clock (mHZ) at the next boot. If it is as in the immage N\A, then set it at 166Mhz and boot up. If it is set at a value i.e. 133Mhz then post back.

What I think you should do is boot with the OLD ram to access the bios to make the changes. Save the settings and exit. Shut down the computer and install the new ram in the ddr1 slot.click here

If this boots the computer, then hopefully you are on your way.

Oh and yes you are quite correct that the motherboard supports upto pc2700 ddr sdram.:-)

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