pc would not shut down/reboot to BB?MSN related?

  end 13:28 13 Feb 2005

win 98SE MSN Messenger 6.2; new version on here; on tower; IE6

BT BB via ADSL modem USB

normally no problems
however, yesterday, on tower, went to close Windows, with MSN messenger program still running but signed out of;windows refused to close, and had both lights on on modem;
pressed reboot button; both modem lights remained on through whole proceedure , tower went thru reboot proceedure ,; both modem lights remained on; however, my green arrows on tray icon area were red , despite the two green lights on the modem.

tried to close down and start up via restart on screan options ; still refused to boot to web.

switched off completely, restarted, and ran scan disc and defragment , nowt found wrong, but still refused to boot to BB;

turned off completely; rested, then tried again, and on the forth attempt it booted to BB

tower normally presents me with no problems like this

am wondering if the MSN program still running in the background originally may have caused this , and should it be closed before powering down

also, am intrigued as to how I had two green lights on my modem which refused to go out despite the machine being rebooted ,but could not get a connection to the BB on the PC , despite the fact that I had been surfing previously with no problems

you are puzzled? so am I::))

any ideas on this please:)

  VoG II 17:25 13 Feb 2005

Don't know but I'll give you a bump.

  end 20:44 13 Feb 2005

anyone any idea on this please?

  VoG II 22:48 13 Feb 2005

double bump

  billyliv 00:13 14 Feb 2005

Hi, More like a recent update has caused a problem. ( If you have Auto update turned on). When I shut down my computer the modem lights always stay on although the 'Tower' is off. (The modem is not powered from the 'Tower')
Running programs would normally close when shutting down, I cant see Msn messenger being any different. You will have to go to the Microsoft site and search for Shutting down problems. Cheers, Bill

  billyliv 00:21 14 Feb 2005

Hi, Reading your post again Quote,yesterday, on tower, went to close Windows, I have to ask 'Are you shutting down your computer by pressing the on/off button on your tower' instead of going through the proper shut down procedure?. Cheers, Bill

  end 14:13 14 Feb 2005

to clarify a bit

the MSN had done its update to the new series and ws running ok;
went to shut down tower in usual manner of disconnect internet by closing the two green computer screans on tray,closed Mailwasher by exiting it via tray icon; then went to start menue, shutdown, and clicked on the shutdown selection in the window that apears for me ;

it got as far as the windows is shutting down screan, and would go no further;

I then pressed my reboot button to reload the programs and try again to close it; it went thru the reboot process,
however, thru all that the two green modem lights remained ON which they should not have done; when I had rebooted, the two modem lights were on but the two green arrows were red; I went to start, shut down and asked it to reboot from that window and not the reboot button on tower; again it refused to give me two green arrows, and modem this time did not have two but only one green light ( which I know tells me that it has not connected)

I had to reboot four times to get it back to normality

again, my question , I think, is, do I need to exit MSN program completely even though I am signed out before I ask tower to shut down

I hope that makes sense:)

  end 13:57 15 Feb 2005

anyone able to offer any ideas on this one:)

is it just a fluke or..

and , why would the two green modem lights remain ON for the entire original reboot sequence?

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