PC would not revive from Standby

  johndrew 13:44 18 Feb 2008

I haven`t used the feature for some time but I know it used to work OK.

Today I selected Standby in the usual way and the PC closed down telling me it was `Preparing to Standby` and then shutting down. When I revived it by using the keyboard Spacebar, as I have done before, the power light went to solid green (from flahing), the hard drive light came on and all the usual fan and drive noises occurred. However, the screen did not come back (no signal?) and remained blank and the lights on the ADSL modem remained off, additionally there used to be a click from the speakers (presumably as they powered up) this also was missing.

I used the `hot restart` button and the PC fired up normally.

I am running XP Pro with wired keyboard, mouse and modem.

Does anyone have any idea as to what may be causing this problem and what the fix might be?

Thanks in anticipation.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:18 18 Feb 2008

check power management settings in both windows and BIOS

  johndrew 11:42 19 Feb 2008

Thanks for coming back.

I have had a look at `Power Management` and all three boxes are set to `Never` which (if memory serves) is where they always were. `Hibernate`, which I don`t use, is disabled.

In BIOS ( which I have had to read up on - hence the delay) all settings appear to be Default. This would make sense to me as I have never been in there before.

Could it be that some piece of software, or an update or even a registry clean (Ccleaner) has upset something? I tried `Standby` earlier and it went in and came out fine immediately, it seems to be when left for any period. Very strange.

  johndrew 14:17 20 Feb 2008

Any other suggestions anyone?

  johndrew 14:01 22 Feb 2008


  johndrew 20:30 22 Feb 2008


  johndrew 19:32 26 Feb 2008

Well I`ve now tried everything I can think of other than a complete re-installation and it has had no positive effect.

If anyone can think of any software known to cause this problem I should love to know of it.

  bendigo 22:42 26 Feb 2008

just a thought, did you try a system restore ?

  johndrew 16:55 27 Feb 2008

I though of it, but I so seldom use Standby that it may well have been like this for some time. The strange thing is that if I select Standby and then hit the space bar to restart a couple of minutes later it works OK; if I leave it longer the HDDs run but I get no monitor or speakers. It seems to be something to do with either the graphics or sound output not wanting to come back online after a period of shut down.

  johndrew 16:58 27 Feb 2008

Should have said, my restore memory is quite small and only goes back to the 22 February currently. So even when I posted it may have only gone to the beginning of February at best.

  johndrew 19:52 29 Feb 2008

A further thought. I installed a-squared Anti Dialer Guard a few weeks back. Could this cause the problem?

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