skippytibb 09:10 03 Apr 2009

i have been to pc world to invest in a card reader for my pc, please be aware these people are charging the earth for things that can be picked up far far cheaper elsewhere. they wanted £17.99 for a basic card reader i have bought one for £5.99 that will do the exact same thing. with so many companies going UNDER you would think these people would realise thier errors.!!!!

  Batch 09:47 03 Apr 2009

With due respect, I rather think the error is yours, not theirs. The simple fact is that plenty of people pay PCWorld, Maplin etc. prices because they are ignorant or because they want to be able to walk in and pick up at a moments notice. That is the market that they are in. It's a "free world".

In any event you should have posted this item in ConsumerWatch, not Helproom.

  tullie 10:01 03 Apr 2009

And its also true that you could have gone elsware.I bought a very cheaper card reader some time ago,it lasted no time atall,so maybe false economy.

  audeal 10:49 03 Apr 2009

I bought one two years ago from Poundland and it still works perfectly. It's really down to luck.

  Salut 16:37 03 Apr 2009

Your choice to go to PC World - or were you forced to enter the shop by the staff?

Now if it is the latter you have a point for us to consider...

  Forum Editor 18:22 03 Apr 2009

why the Dixons Store Group became the UK's largest consumer electronics retailer, and as others have pointed out, you don't have to shop there if you don't like the prices.

Ours is a free market economy, which means that a retail business sets its own selling prices.

  Pineman100 18:32 03 Apr 2009

Charging a high price for anything is *not* a "rip off". It's anyone's prerogative in a free market.

You can get a bunch of bananas in Lidl for 79p or in Fortnum & Mason for £4.79. It's your choice where you choose to buy them.

I find that some products sold in PC World can be found cheaper elsewhere, but not always. And people who shop there may feel that they have more confidence buying a specialist physical shop than they do buying (perhaps) on the internet for a few pounds cheaper.

  Migwell 00:01 04 Apr 2009

I bought a 2.5" USB hard drive last July from PCW it was on offer at a very good price at the time. It went tits up in January so I took it back and they replaced it with a drive of at least twice the size and a better make fo £ 5.00 more. Times like that PCW are not so bad but as above don't buy the things that are over priced just go along for the laugh. No one is forcing you to buy them.

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