Pc World Repair? Costs?

  portofcall 20:55 18 Oct 2006

Received computer intact yesterday. Today it will not power up! Ok, I know this computer to be solid. Usually, I've fixed or repaired my other computers BUT I have no idea about electricals. Tested HP Pavilion 780 with power connections on my main computer so I know its not a question of connections. Is there a switch besides the on/off button? Haven't connected monitor but have never had to in the past with other computers. Am debating whether to have serviced at PC World or maybe High St. Computer repair unless someone has a clue to what "ails" this computer. What does PC World charge? Any advise? Thanks.

  Jackcoms 20:58 18 Oct 2006

Personally, I wouldn't trust PC World to repair my stapler, let alone a PC.

  woodchip 20:59 18 Oct 2006

look at the back top for a power switch, on the psu

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:00 18 Oct 2006

If you haven't attached a monitor how do you know it isn't powered up?

Any sounds of fans running leds on etc.

1. socket switched on
2. fuse in plug
3. mains lead attached fully to rear of PC
4. If psu has a switch at rear of PC is it On.

  woodchip 21:02 18 Oct 2006

As above What good is it running a computer without a monitor

  portofcall 21:04 18 Oct 2006

Guys, there is no fan noise, no lights, no booting up process. There is a switich for 230! Volts and one for US 110 V. on the back. Other than that, I see no switch. I haven't connected the monitor but did transfer power connection from one computer to another with no result. The main cable connection from power connection in back to plug in is in place but again to no effect.

  ed-0 21:06 18 Oct 2006

try the basics first.

good call from woodchip ( evening woodchip;-))

Try fuses in the leads, make sure power connctor/ connectors are fitted fast. reseat the ram, same with graphics card ( if it has one ). Check that the cpu fan power connector is attached to the motherboard.

I assume you mean no fans spinning?

  woodchip 21:07 18 Oct 2006

If it's new it wants to go back, if not then PSU will have blown

  woodchip 21:08 18 Oct 2006

Hi been at it all day in yard clearing out, and only just this last hour come on hear.

  VoG II 21:10 18 Oct 2006

"Haven't connected monitor but have never had to in the past with other computers."

I don't understand this. Is it a laptop?

  woodchip 21:12 18 Oct 2006

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