PC World - PC offers, any suggestions ?

  ferguwat 08:05 14 Oct 2005

I've always said that I would NEVER purchase a PC from PC World (or DELL) ... but there is a current offer; for £899.99, a Packard Bell, 1024Mb RAM, 256Mb ATi Radeon 9550 Graphics, 19" TFT ...
This seems ideal for me doing Flight Sim .... but, it is a PC World product !!!
Any suggestions ?

  bremner 09:05 14 Oct 2005

For £899 click here

I know which one i would choose.

  ferguwat 10:03 14 Oct 2005

That is a nice product (linked above), but I've seen Mesh being "slated" in other threads .... and doing a search on the Graphics Card leads me to believe the 6800LE is a bit limited, although I could upgrade ..... quite a nice price, and tempting (if only NOT to go to PCworld).

I forgot to say that the PCWorld PC is Model; 1807 (if anyone wants to logon to the website to check it out).

  bremner 10:19 14 Oct 2005

Don't be put off by the threads complaining about Mesh - they sell thousands of computers and only a very small vocal minority have problems.

You are just as likely to have problems with Dell/Evesham or PCW.

As for the graphics cards the 6800LE PCI-e is a competitor to the Radeon X800 and performs considerably better than the 9550

  007al 20:38 15 Oct 2005

Have a look at novatech.com...im sure you`ll find a better deal.

  stalion 21:03 15 Oct 2005

put mesh in to search on here

  mbp 14:00 16 Oct 2005

I have been completely dissillusioned with PC World. If you come across a great bargain, they will more than likely not have stock at store or on the web, so do not get your hopes up. Their Ads are for you to Enter their shops and maybe buy something else, instead. It ruined one Saturday afternoon for me that way, and burned up a lot of extra adrenalin.

  bremner 14:32 16 Oct 2005


  mbp 18:36 16 Oct 2005

Drumming up business!

  Forum Editor 19:44 16 Oct 2005

why anyone would say that they'll never buy anything from PC World or Dell, but we're all entitled to our opinions.

Personally I buy stuff from PC World on a fairly regular basis - for my own use and for clients - and I haven't had any particularly dreadful experiences over the years. Dell is the world's biggest computer manufacturer, and is famous for making good, reliable machines. You'll find Dell computers on pretty well every corporate network in the world, and for good reason.

As for Mesh - they make excellent machines, and sell tens of thousands of them every month. The vast majority work perfectly, straioght out of the box, and go on working that way.

Try to understand that all big computer sellers will have customer service problems - simply because they handle the vast bulk of all computer sales in the UK. Keep a sense of perspective and you'll stand a better chance of making the right decision about your own purchase - it's extremely unlikely that you'll ever have to contact your supplier's customer service department........whichever company you eventually choose.

  007al 21:48 16 Oct 2005

the pcworld one is very over priced...looks like an agp ati 9550(should be getting pci express for that money)the mesh one looks great,apart from the 6800 being an le(6600gt would be better).remember,you only usualy here bad instances from stores...not often someone complains about a good pc!!have a look around the web for that money..although i only build my own pc`s...you can build a great system for that price!

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