PC WORLD and buying a new laptop

  liloldlady 13:55 16 Mar 2014

Hi, I went to PC World today to buy a new windows 8 laptop, I found a nice basic one for £350 but was then told that I had to buy a memory stick for £35 with the operating system on as all the laptops with windows 8 do not have any discs with them.....I am highly confused here as to why a memory stick has to be bought to be able to run the laptop...Oh..and the salesman then went on to try and sell me numerous other things, "or the laptop will not work efficiently without these things" i.e. for £9.95 a freephone thingy, and for £60 a virus programe, and a couple of other things...Are PC World now owned by Ryan Air or what as the price went from £350 to around £550 in 5 mins. Needless to say I left the store scratching my head and Laptopless. In the past I have just gone in there chose my laptop and left... Is it just PC World doing this or everybody, meaning, if I bought a laptop from, say, Argos, would I get it home and find no operating system on it???Just dont get it...Thanks

  wee eddie 14:37 16 Mar 2014

You met a Salesman, that's his job.

  bumpkin 14:42 16 Mar 2014

I would look elsewhere there are plenty of deals around and they should clearly state what is included.

  hastelloy 15:05 16 Mar 2014

You could try Novatech or CCL Online- both very good customer service.

You don't need to buy antivirus software Avastis free and comes highly recommended. Just be careful to read everything when downloading so you don't download any unwanted "extras".

Some of the other things you may find useful but you can get them later if you want them. You certainly don't need them.

  martd7 15:13 16 Mar 2014

I think the salesman may have been trying to sell you a memory stick to back up windows8 should you ever need to restore it,you can back the system up to discs but uses about 6 dvds

  onthelimit1 15:34 16 Mar 2014

I'd go to Staples where, I've found, the prices are comparable but the salesmen less pushy. As has been said, you can burn recovery discs at small cost. You can have free AV (I've now switched to AVG, but Avast! is fine), and you don't need a freephone thingy. Alternative is to buy from Argos or John Lewis on line!

  hastelloy 15:40 16 Mar 2014


Good point - 6 DVD s is about 28GB - see 32GB Memory stick. You perhaps wouldn't want to go for the cheapest but £35?

If you want to be doubly sure 64GB

  imendpc 16:00 16 Mar 2014

If you found the laptop that you liked and at the right price at PCWorld, then simply pay £350 and not buy any thing else. It is very easy just politely and calmly say : "No thanks" many times to a salesman. PCWorld, Currys, Argos..are High Street retailers so just buy from whichever that's convenient for you. Don't forget that there is regard to be had for after sales service as well.

  iscanut 16:28 16 Mar 2014

I agree, just buy the laptop if you want it at the price shown, nothing else is needed at this stage.

  bumpkin 18:44 16 Mar 2014

Wee eddie, *You met a Salesman, *

Not a very good one, he did not mention the extended warranty:-)

  Woolwell 18:46 16 Mar 2014

Salesperson nowadays.

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