PC World bundles - any good?

  JonSon 13:38 02 Sep 2005

Hi all,

I am in the market for a new PC as my current one is about as old as me (and less useful).

I have seen numerous adverts on TV recently showing special offers for systems from PC World and was just wanting to get some feedback on the machines they sell. Some people swear by PC World and others would rather swear at them!

Have seen one PC that looks ok at first glance (click here). Everything looks quite nice @ £699 (P4 3.4Ghz, 1024mb ram, 250Gb hd, 17" TFT) apart from the nVidia 6200 with turbo cache - a 32mb card in 256mb clothing.

So what I suppose I'm asking is what's everyone's general view on a) this system, and; b)PC World?

All suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:08 02 Sep 2005

I've bought over 90 computers and lappies from PCW so that alone should speak volumes. They have the distinct advantage that you can walk away with the computer.
I would refrain from buying either the power surge protector (much cheaper elsewhere and many computers come with adequate surge protection) nor the Norton or MacAffee 'security suites, AVG MS Antispy and any old free firewall will provide you with more than enough protection and they all cost de nada.

I would also not go for the '3/5 year protection warranty, it is expensive and your household insurance and consumer rights cover the same. On the few occasions that I have needed to take something back they have always been helpful...but then I am always polite and do not march in with a bolshy attitude and a face like a wet weekend in Huddersfield.


  LastChip 14:14 02 Sep 2005

It's good value, but you need to research the market to see what alternatives are available.

The one aspect that would concern me, is almost certainly, it is fitted with a Fujitsu hard drive and rightly or wrongly, they have a poor reputation for reliability.

My experience of PC World is frankly a mixed bag. It depends an awful lot in an organisation of that size, on the individual you get. I don't rate their (local) "tech dept" at all, having been given blatantly false information in the past. I would far have preferred them to say;"I don't know the answer to your question". It would have been an honest and respected answer.

You could probably build your own machine for a similar amount of money and get exactly what you want.

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