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  Jaffajuk 11:21 30 Oct 2005

Am about to get computer on home computing initiative, aparently must be with PC world. Bit of a Novice on PC's looking for a bit of advice can spend up to 1,200. what should I get?

  ACOLYTE 12:47 30 Oct 2005

I cant say from PC world,with 1200 to spend you would be better building your own,you could probably get twice the pc than you would from pc world for the same money.

  pj123 13:23 30 Oct 2005

Is there a PC World Best Buy?

I suggest you could do a lot better with 1200. Try here for a start. click here you would need to add the cost of a monitor to these prices unless you already have a monitor. or even here. click here

I'm not a Dell fan but they do seem to have some really good offers.

If the 1200 you have to spend is a bursary and tied to PC World then I would suggest you pick the computer that is closest to the 1200.

  DerekR 18:16 30 Oct 2005

click here

Don't laugh - I've got two of these beauties and boy, are they good (In my opinion)

Medion have never given me any problems whatsoever.

Moreover - the 10% down, pay the balance 12 months time - all interest free. £800 sitting in my high interest account for 12 months is a nice little earner!!

  007al 18:34 30 Oct 2005

if you`re tied to pc world,then ask them about any ex demonstration models and use any left over for a printer or something.if the whole amount can only be used for a pc,then obviously you have to go for the nearest to your money.they do have some good bundles sometimes,but with the prices they charge,then you`ve payed for it anyway!

  Jaffajuk 21:41 30 Oct 2005

thanks a lot folks,
I am tied to PC World, (this is the supplier my company has chosen for the scheme) I can only buy PC (already have a goodish printer)and software.
Any more comments gratefully recieved

  dagwoood 23:36 30 Oct 2005

With regards to software, some hard drive back up software can be invaluable. PC World stock Norton Ghost which is one of the better backup solutions currently available.

Norton Ghost makes an image of your hard drive, so if your system becomes corrupted, you can restore your saved image and not have to reinstall all of your software from scratch(that could run into hours, depending on how much you have on your system).

HTH, dagwoood.

  961 07:50 31 Oct 2005

I have had several Advent computers from PCWorld and would suggest that brand in fromt of the other brands PCWorld sell

Don't spend on extended warranty. If you have a problem out of the box take it back. If you don't it'll probably work forever

  recap 09:32 31 Oct 2005

961 mentions the Advent computer from PC World, this would be my choice of PC from there. This is one of the only PC's they stock that is fully upgradable to my knowledge.

Don't go for a bundled package as they are NOT cost effective. You can but quite a lot of the package cheaper as seperates.

If you require a printer, first check the price of a replacement cartridge.

Before purchase, assess what you will be using it for, and make your decision on that. If you already know this, post here and somebody will be able to guide you further.

  007al 18:06 31 Oct 2005

you can buy them cheaper as seperates...but not in pc world!and the money is only for a pc and software,so if you can get something with it...then why not?!
he doesnt need a printer!
sounds like its going to be used for work,as the company are paying for it.

  Jaffajuk 18:59 31 Oct 2005

not to be used for work, (the home computer initiative is a government sponsored service which some companies are adopting. This means that a bursary of say 1200.00 is given in exchange for a salary reduction over 3 years, that way not only is it an interest free loan, it is also deducted before tax and national insurance is taken out giving a double whamy of a benefit). The equipment is to be used at home, my kids are 12+14 so internet is quite high on the agenda as is the ability to construct reports etc.
All comments well recieved and any more would be greatly appreciated, seems like Advent are a fairly safe bet up til now (anyone know anything about Pakard Bells?)

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