PC World (Again)

  denali 15:34 17 Sep 2004

My daughter phoned me last night from college and ask me to get her a copy of the new Sims 2. I went to PC World this morning and they were stacked all over the store. She only has a small Pc for her college work but does have some games on it. I checked to see if it would fit! NOT a chance. It is wrapped in clingfilm, Has a strapping device wrapped around it and the specifications are completely covered by a large security sticker. I asked a salesperson how to read it and was told "It will only work on a large machine." After three attempts someone actually tore off all the wrapping and I was able to do so ( it would not have worked on my daughters machine). I appreciate this is not entirely the fault of PC World, but knowing their restrictions on returning software surely someone in a company this size should have picked this up. If anyone is in their store over the weekend please have a look, just to prove to myself I am not a miserable so and so

  Noleg24 15:43 17 Sep 2004

You're not the first and you wont be the last to be in that position I have been to PC World and when you look at the Specs on games and other software they are always covered! Imagine just buying the product and then you realise it dont work in your machine and you take it back and they say well you should have read the back of it...how can you read it when its flaming covered?!?! I really dont PC World at all...not only do they sell things people are not wanting but they dont have what you want. Thats why I build my own PC and build PCs for other people..Im not saying PC World arent good but they have this reputation and thats why people go to them. but I always say to beware.

  Meshuga 17:40 17 Sep 2004

They are no different to my supermarket who put stickers ove cooking insructions on food packets and when you try and peel them off it tears the instructions with it. Medically its known as Brain Deficiency Syndrome. Regards, Meshuga.

  AubreyS 18:03 17 Sep 2004

Do what I do... NEVER go into that place unless you have been told that you will die if you don't!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 17 Sep 2004

The power of advertising

Anyone who knows anything about computers will tell you PC World are overpriced and overated.

Its no different than for the non mechanically minded they take the car to the garage and pay £40 and hour to have the oil changed.

No one can know everthing, we all have to shutup and payup for something, best to get recommendations form 'them in the know' first to so as not toe ripped off.

  Noleg24 19:13 17 Sep 2004

Aubrey and Fruitbat I agree with you totally...I remember bakcin 97 when we got our first PC..we went to PC world and after that it all went downhill and we saw them for what they really are. even now I would not recommend them but I always stress to people only go in there if all else fails. there was a time I went once to one of their stores and I remember one the sales rep standing next to a PC and I just walked to it and loaded up Tomb Raider II without asking for help...but what made me laugh when I left the store was the sales rep and what he said to me...he said 'hey how did you get that to run cos I have been trying all day' I thought to myself even though I am only 18 and you must be about 30 your obviously in the wrong job. how can he not know how to get it up and running why was he standing by the PC anyway? to try and get some poor soul to buy it thats why...nevertheless it still makes laugh when I think about it.

  VoG II 19:19 17 Sep 2004

I've never had a problem with them. They have taken back goods that didn't work (including software) without (much) question and refunded me in full. Obviously not all the staff know about everything but if you are prepared to wait to talk to an "expert" then I've found them to be knowledgeable, polite, and nobody has tried to sell me something I don't need (I think!).

As for the stickers - not just at PC World - yes, I agree, plain stupid.

  clayton 19:36 17 Sep 2004

pc world are just way over priced, i recently went to purchase a dvi cable for my new monitor i staggered out when i saw the price £49.99, i purchased the same belkin cable online for £17 inc del.

  Rayuk 19:42 17 Sep 2004

But then again they had the Epson R200 for £69.99p last time I was in there.
As long as you do your own research before going its not a problem.

  spuds 20:01 17 Sep 2004

I agree with Rayuk,a little forward thinking goe's a very long way.Also as denali stated, they enquired before they purchased.

Putting big stickers over relevant information seems to be the norm nowadays where ever you go.One of my 'sticker' pleasures at PC World, is when three or four price reduction tabs appear on a box [ £39.99 down to £4.99, type of thing].

  denali 21:33 17 Sep 2004

Thanks for the responses. I have no beef with PC World per se. I very rarely shop there!. My complaint was simply the fact I could not see what I was buying, and I have had considerable trouble returning software to them before -Britannica- which eventually turned out to be the wrong disk!!

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