PC won't turn on, after installing graphics card.

  abolbridge 16:16 20 Jun 2009

I just bought a used 3870 off a friend.

The card was working fine, he replaced it with a 4870 so I bought the 3870 off him.

I've got a 600W PSU but it did come with a 6-pin straight off the PSU so I'm using a 2-molex -> 6-pin to power the card.

But my computer won't turn on? Is it the adapter I'm using?

  woodchip 16:46 20 Jun 2009

It may be, you may also have blown the card if you have done a lash up

  woodchip 16:50 20 Jun 2009

Will it still start with old Graphics Card?

  OTT_Buzzard 17:03 20 Jun 2009

Worth taking each of the molex adaptors from different 'strands' of the PSU. Depending on how the rails in the PSU are set-up it may allow for more power throughput.

Stating the obvious, but don't power too many devices from one PSU rail.

  abolbridge 20:04 21 Jun 2009

I'm using a Chiefmax 680 Watt.

Is that just not setup right to run a Sapphire 3870?

  OTT_Buzzard 20:42 21 Jun 2009

I don't know Chiefmax, but a bit of googling says that it's an economy brand.

If it's new, fresh out of the box, then it should be OK.

The rule of thumb I use for economy brands is to assume that the power output is 50% of it's advertised value (340W in your case). It has been argued in the past that this rule is too conservative.

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