pc won't turn on

  h_khabbazan316 21:05 26 Aug 2010

After surfing the world wide web my pc shut itself down and every since then I have been unable to reboot it or even to get it to work. I did the usual checking of all the wire's even did as much as using a different power cable but to no avail. I think it's the psu however i tried changing it with a different psu one that i know works and it still does not work which makes me think that it's a motherboard fault. Is there anyway of knowing if it truelly is a motherboard fault or do I have to bite the bullet and purchase a new pc?

  The Kestrel 21:57 26 Aug 2010

It might not be an expensive repair that is needed. Depending upon the age and value of your PC, it might be worth paying to have it checked out by a repairer before splashing out several hundred pounds on a new PC.

  jamesd1981 22:10 26 Aug 2010

before you going paying for an expensive checkover, try buying a motherboard testing kit from maplin only costs about £5

  woodchip 22:21 26 Aug 2010

Try booting with Hard Drive Disconnected

  jtay78 23:20 26 Aug 2010

does the green light on the Mb coem on when the power is turn on ??? if this light comes on then the MB should still be ok ! try to remove all the Ram, pci card, make sure ur Earthed to save fryin ur board. turn on the pc without the Ram, then put the ram back in then everything els ! did you try the psu in another unit to see if that was the main problem ?

  h_khabbazan316 10:05 27 Aug 2010

when i try to turn it on nothing happens no lights come on no whrring of the various ssyetm fans the only thing that happens is if you take the side covers off when you turn the machine on the cpu fan moves just a little bit, that's it nothing else

  woodchip 10:35 27 Aug 2010

AS I said have you tried the PC without the Hard Drive Connected, as if its developed a Fault it can stop the PC moving, it will appear dead. So take the Plugs of the Drive and see if you get any life from the PC when you press go switch

  h_khabbazan316 10:46 27 Aug 2010

I just tried that and it still does nothing

  woodchip 10:51 27 Aug 2010

I would say you have a dead PSU, you need one at least same size in Watts or Bigger and all the same connections on the PSU so you can connect everything

  hssutton 11:54 27 Aug 2010

I've just got back home from having a look at my sister-in-laws PC. Exactly the same problem, with the CPU fan moving just a little.

As woodchip suggests I unplugged H/drive, DVD drive and all fans bar CPU fan I also disconected power to the CPU. Pressing the start button resulted in a loud cracking noise and the CPU started turning, reconnected everything and the PC is now running OK.

I suspect a faulty capacitor in the PSU, so will replace the PSU.

  h_khabbazan316 20:20 27 Aug 2010

I tried getting a tester from a computer store and after consulting with the employee of the store and after i told him everything that happend he suggested that it might be the psu but the problem im having is why did the other psu not work then.

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