PC won't switch on

  elgar 12:06 11 May 2003

I am getting no response when I try to power on my PC. Have tried new power cable in case the fuse has gone but no joy.

Can anyone suggest another route of attack

  Itchy Fingers 12:28 11 May 2003

Have you tried the obvious!

Is the socket live and switched on? (plug in a known working device like a light.

Have you checked the new lead / fuse. If there is a short in your PC (Transformer) it could take out the fuse without you knowing. Some kettles have the same female connector.

Is the switch On at the back of the PC.

Are the power and multiway connectors firmly plugged in.

Do you hear any thing when you turn the PC on, Fan, clicks, electrical "cracks" / sparks.

  keith-236785 16:30 11 May 2003

It may be possible that the reset button has become stuck or shorted

try pressing it a few times
then unplug power cable from pc and plug back in after about ten seconds then try again

it is also possible that the atx cable is not firmly attached to motherboard but as this involves opening the case i would try the reset button first

if you choose to open your case then the obvious thing to do is to unplug all power cable connections except for the atx power cable and the motherboard to case leads
then try powering up your system
if the fan spins then you have power and you can turn off and plug back in your floppy and hard drive then try again
this time you should get windows

then power down and reconnect everything else
cross your fingers and try again

if at any stage it stops working then you may have a drive or other hardware that is shorting out
good luck, hope this helps

  keith-236785 16:31 11 May 2003

forgot to say that if you think it may be the reset button then unplug that from the motherboard and try to power up.

  elgar 21:50 02 Jun 2003

power supply was kaput - performed emergency powersupply transplant patient now recovering

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