PC won't switch off

  concise 20:28 18 Mar 2005

Dell dimension XPS R400. Have just upgraded from W98 to W2K. When I do 'Start/Shutdown' to switch off the on/off sw on the is inoperative. It used to switch off at this point and behave as a normal on/off switch it now does nothing and Now I have to switch off at the wall socket. Also "re-start" hangs fire and leaves me with a flashing cursor, which means on/ff at the wall or a push on the "restart button" on the tower. Any ideas please?

  Never again 20:31 18 Mar 2005

Do a windows update to see if that fixes it.

  stalion 20:37 18 Mar 2005
  john-232317 20:38 18 Mar 2005

Stalion posted this in a similar thread a little while ago...

click here

  john-232317 20:38 18 Mar 2005


  concise 20:55 18 Mar 2005

Thanks chaps that should keep me quiet for a bit. I have some very early Roxio software in, 4, I think. I also have an Epson 4180 Photo scanner installed which works perfectly other than the PC doesn't respond to its buttons. A brief read of your recommendation makes me think the cure might be there. Thanks again.

  concise 12:30 21 Mar 2005

Removing AVG cured the shut down problem.

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