PC won't start unless I unplug USB hub

  Agent Smith 19:21 04 Jan 2006

Hi folks, it's been a while.

I'm running XP Home. I've just bought a 7 port USB 2 hub from Ebuyer click here

This is a powered hub and will also work in passive mode. When I tried to start up the PC I notice that the HDD busy light is on and the PC will not boot. If I disconnect the power to the hub the PC boots up as normal.

This never happened with my Belkin 7 port USB 1 hub.

Any thoughts? I can't send the hub back as I've already dumped the packaging.

Thanks, Bob.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 04 Jan 2006

How old is the PC? fairly new?

Bios may be trying to boot an Op system from USB.

disable USB boot device in BIOS.

  Forum Editor 19:44 04 Jan 2006

if you start with the hub off and turn it on once Windows has loaded?

  Agent Smith 19:55 04 Jan 2006

PC is newish AMD XP3200+ 512 ram. ASUS MoBo

Once windows has started and power supplied to the hub it's OK.

As I said AOK with the hub in passive mode

  woodchip 19:57 04 Jan 2006

Check the BIOS on what USB's are turned on

  woodchip 20:05 04 Jan 2006

If Legacy support is turned on, disable it save settings and exit BIOS and retry comp

  LivEviL 20:36 04 Jan 2006

its coz the order of boot has usb device before harddrive just change it in the bios!

  GuZ><0r 20:39 04 Jan 2006

I am guessing that Agent Smith is now LivEvil. Am I right, or just not reading correctly.

  Agent Smith 20:49 04 Jan 2006

No I am Agent Smith and no one else, sorry to disappoint. I've been a forum member for years, just not been on in a while.

  Agent Smith 20:55 04 Jan 2006

LilEvil if your theory is right how is it that my old USB 1 hub never caused the same problem?

One thing I've noticed is that while the hub is powered and connected via A-B lead then power is supplied to my ADSL modem which is plugged directly into a USB port at the PC.

As soon as the PC is after POST and I power up the hub it will work.

I'm trying to get into BIOS but using alt + F2 as per instructions all I get is do I want to boot in Safe Mode.

  woodchip 10:24 05 Jan 2006

try tapping the Del key as you boot

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