PC Won't Start no boot

  joebloggs1 22:53 11 Feb 2006

Friends PC was working fine, she took out a USB Pen Drive (using the safely remove..) then says screen went off. Tried monitor and its fine, but PC won't boot. NO video, no keyboards lights, no Beep - fans, cd tray etc all working. Motherbaord is Foxconn K7S741GXMG-6L Skt A - I have removed Ram and all drives and makes no difference. I assume M/B has gone. I had a simialr problem once before when CPU was faulty but then got beeps and k/b lights - Anybody have any ideas or will only alternative be to buy a new m/b?

  Forum Editor 23:12 11 Feb 2006

Remove the CMOS battery, wait for a few minutes and replace it. Then try starting the computer.

  joebloggs1 23:24 11 Feb 2006

I have now tried removing the CMOS battery but no different

  wobblymike 10:31 12 Feb 2006

ry a minimum configuration

Disconnect everything form mobo except 1 RAM module, grapics, cpu and power. Switch on does it boot monitor - if not try a different RAM module then in different RAM sockets - if still no joy try a pci graphics card - if still not working all that is left is cpu, mobo or psu
Hope this helps

  joebloggs1 10:38 12 Feb 2006

I have tried this but still same result - Graphics are on board - I have tried the RAM in different slots and with no Ram but don't have a spare to try. When tried with no RAM should it not beep if post is OK? Also no lights flicker on Keyboard at all (previously experienced a PC where CPU had died but did flick keyboard lights briefly when first turned on).
All research I have done point to trying known good components, but need to identify most likely cause before starting to buy replacement components.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:51 12 Feb 2006

1. PSU failure, can you supply from another PSU?

2. CPU failure try and reseat of CPU (you might be lucky)

3. or motherboard failure

  joebloggs1 12:05 12 Feb 2006

If can't fix and can't identify which is most likely to be at fault (m/b or cpu) presumably cheapest option would be a new bundle. If I get m/b then still not irght and its CPU to but both separate and pay 2 lots of postage etc likely to add up to more in cost and diffculty!

  joebloggs1 12:29 12 Feb 2006

to reseat processor for slot A - how easy is this. Looking at it looks like I need to get the heat sink off in order to lift the socket lever - is this correct and is it east to get off / get back on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:10 12 Feb 2006

If you have to remove the heat sink then you will need thermal paste when refitting. click here

  joebloggs1 14:27 12 Feb 2006

can't see anyway of getting it offwithout removing heat sink

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:49 12 Feb 2006

no lights flicker on Keyboard at all,

with all your other tests done this is probably pointng more towards motherboard failure.

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