PC wont start up

  geordiewal 11:57 02 Jul 2003

My PC wont start, the fans start running, the hard Disk runs up initially and then nothing, the monitor doesn't even initialise. What are the chances of it just being the video card?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:02 02 Jul 2003

Even if video card not workin monitor should still come out of standbye,i think and have blank screen or say no signal or somethin
does hard disk keep running or stop ?

  geordiewal 12:04 02 Jul 2003

it stops

  A15 12:12 02 Jul 2003

Have you added or changed any hardware lately? If so try undoing those changes & see if that helps. I have had similiar problems to you when re-building an older PC once, it turned out that the graphics card was not properly making contact in the AGP slot.

  Tog 12:14 02 Jul 2003

This one turned out to be the memory.
click here

  geordiewal 12:15 02 Jul 2003

No I havent added anything new, this problem started intermittently a couple of days back, it is now permanent. I have been in and reseated the vid card and memory so far.

  geordiewal 13:04 02 Jul 2003

I have just tried removing the vid card, reseating the CPU and since I have two strips of memory I tried each one individually and still no differance. Whats the chances of both memory strips going duff? Is it looking to be a choice between the mobo and power supply? I have also checked the bios battery, its 3.23V so thats looking ok.

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