PC wont start up

  heartsfanno1 08:57 08 Jan 2009

Hi I was wondering if anyone has any advice on whats happened to my PC.

I tried to shut it down last night but it just got stuck on the blank windows screen so I just held the power button to power it off. I tried to start it back up again but nothing worked. The power light flashed orange for less than a second when I held it down but wouldnt turn on and there was no beeps or anything.

I tried using the power supply for my PS3 but still the same thing happened.

Any Ideas what I can do to fix it as typically the warranty just ran out last month!!!



  Technotiger 09:07 08 Jan 2009

Sounds as if your PSU has died - check the fuse in the Mains plug, if it is not a sealed plug. I don't know the power Wattage of a A PS3 PSU but I doubt it would be powerful enough.

  heartsfanno1 09:21 08 Jan 2009

I think the PS3 is about 380W so it might not have enough power in it.
I'll try another power cable from my brothers PC when I go home and see if that works.

thanks for the quick response

  heartsfanno1 09:27 09 Jan 2009

I've tried using a different cable and it still doesnt work. I took the facing off the case and noticed that the motherboard light was on and stayed on for a few mins after i unplugged the machine.

I'm going to buy a new PSU today and try that. How easy are they to fit and can anything go wrong because i've never tried it before?


  Technotiger 09:47 09 Jan 2009

Here is a tutorial, it looks complicated but really it is very easy. You cannot put the wrong leads on the wrong items, because the plugs match the sockets they are meant for. You might find you have spare leads left over when finished, this is normal and allows for further items to be included at a later date.

click here

  heartsfanno1 11:08 09 Jan 2009

ok thanks for your help technotiger

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