PC Won't start

  chrischambers 17:20 07 Jun 2007

Hi, hope you guys and Gals can help.

I formatted my PC hard drive two weeks ago, reinstalled all my hardware etc.

I went to the PC today and it won't start, the hard drive is coming to life but the PC is'nt loading windows (XP Home).

Any advice\suggestions. The PC does not have a floppy and I have checked all cables and there are no discs etc in the drives.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:48 07 Jun 2007

Reboot and keep tapping F8 see if you can get into safe mode.

  chrischambers 17:54 07 Jun 2007

Hi fruit bat, nothing. The screen is not even displaying anything at all.
Thanks anyway

  Pineman100 18:00 07 Jun 2007

Have you tried it with a different monitor? If yours has failed, the computer might be booting up normally, but you can't see that.

  chrischambers 18:01 07 Jun 2007

no, but its a thought. thanks.

  chrischambers 18:12 07 Jun 2007

hi, I plugged the monitor into my lap top and it is coming up with a no signal message, same as when I boot the PC. Could it be the monitor.

  global-killer 19:03 07 Jun 2007

Do all the fans come on as far as you can tell, as in PSU Proc Fan and Chipset fan If fitted.

If they do and the H/Drive appears to come to life, could well be graphics card has given up.

Another test is to put a boot floppy disc in and see if the the floppy light comes on. This does depend though if your bios is set to boot Floppy as first device as mine is.

  chrischambers 19:17 07 Jun 2007

thanks global, no floppy fitted, but everything seems to come to life. Tried monitor on my lap top, but it just came up with no signal on the screen.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:08 07 Jun 2007

Looks like monitor or monitor cable us

remember you need to change a setting when using the monitor on the laptop Fn + F7 is quite common.

  chrischambers 20:32 07 Jun 2007


  chrischambers 20:40 07 Jun 2007

Did'nt know about the fn\f7 thing. Monitor and cable are fine.

Thanks, back to square one.....

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