PC Wont Shut Down?!?

  DjSprinks 02:43 02 Jul 2009

Hi ppl :)
Just have a small problem with my self built pc-it wont shut down!! Lol
It clears the desktop so that just my background (a very nice pic of my nova! ;) remains then freezes!
I have not got the nvidia drivers for my graphics card installed yet as i have just installed a new mobo (eventualy found a striker without CPUINIT probs!! :/ Lol) and seem to have misplaced the Nvidia disk :(
I also have a USB finger print reader witch uses a different password logon screen
Could these be possable reasons??
System specs are:
Asus striker extreme mobo
Pentium Core 2 E6420
2GB OCZ platnum ram
Nvidia Geforce 8600 GTS Graphics card
Seagate Baracoda 250GB hard drive
Soundblaster sound card
A s**t load of leds,fans and controlers!! ;)
Many Thanks for any help you can give! :)

  Graphicool1 08:25 02 Jul 2009
  harps1h 08:27 02 Jul 2009

is it a new power supply? this happened to me and surprinsingly it was my power supply. a new one fixed it.

  DjSprinks 02:13 03 Jul 2009

Hi thanks for yr help so far peeps.
Graphicool1-thanks for the nvidia drivers-saves me looking for the disk for now! :D and am all good for asus drivers and have Bios 13.01 on the striker allready.
harps1h-no is not a new PSU am upgrading soon tho! have got a FSP blue storm 550W (i no,i no! :/)Lol acually fried on me a good few months back when my power triped! had to bodge it to get it working :/ and i dont feel to safe about running my system on a bodged PSU but cant find anyware that sells the upgrade i want (Ultra X- Connect UV blue and crome 550W)is a Beaut! =) not even any on ebay! im guessing because people dont want to sell them,they are apparently really well made and up there with top makes dispite the company not being that well known in the uk.my other choice is a Tagen piperock 600W (or maybe 700W for future upgrade purpouses!) ((dont think ultra make a higher W than 550 in the x connect UV range??)) but im not to rich atm(overdraft! :'( ) and cant afford Tagans high prices! tho i kno they are well worth it!!
Anyway back to the point! Lol im not sure that it is the psu or even hardware related as the pc would shut down fine with this PSU (even after being Repaired!) with my old Asus P5B Delux.Is just since i got it running again after replacing it with the striker extreme so if anything it would be that? but have a feeling it is more poss a software/bios problem??
Problem still remains! :'( any more sugestions??

  Graphicool1 08:28 03 Jul 2009

I didn't give you the ASUS link just for the drivers. You obviously didn't check out the headings down the left hand side of the page? They will trouble shoot the hardware on your system. click here

  harps1h 08:29 03 Jul 2009

actually I wouldn't rule out the psu yet. after i researched the problem with my old psu it turned out there is a switch which tells it to shutdown, and this had failed and therefore the power kept going (this is a simplified version)

click here

click here

  Graphicool1 08:35 03 Jul 2009

You can try this, it's a trial, but you get 10 goes for free. click here

  PcTestCard.com 09:42 03 Jul 2009

Try install the latest chipset driver and reboot PC, then reinstall the VGA card driver as well.

Hope this helps!

  harps1h 18:40 03 Jul 2009

<<Lol acually fried on me a good few months back when my power triped! had to bodge it to get it working :/ and i dont feel to safe about running my system on a bodged PSU >>

and you still discount the PSU??

  harps1h 20:44 06 Jul 2009

any further on?

  Graphicool1 10:18 07 Jul 2009

Sadly, we may never know wether any of us was able to solve the problem or not. You'd think that at least least they could let us know. Instead of just leaving us hanging...!?

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