PC wont reformat during XP reinstall

  Major Disaster 19:11 28 Jul 2005

Ive just tried to reinstall xp pro so my pc is just like new using click here as i have been having a few problems with it that a repair install would not fix and start new, a fresh.
I followed the guide but encountered a few problems.
1. A second licence agreement did not appear.
2. When i selected the partition where xp was installed on, i could not delete it.
3. i did not get the option to reformat the drive.
Now when i boot into windows everything looks like new (promoted for activation, none of my old programmes in old programmes etc.) but in my computer all my old documents and programmes are still there! I tried running one (ccleaner) but it came up with an error message.
Any idead of how i can reformat the drive?

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 19:26 28 Jul 2005

if you have a full disk boot from cd and select fresh install when prompted

Altenative boot using a dos floppy at A:\ prompt run fdisk A:\fdisk

select delete partition delete primary dos partiton Or non dos partition if NTFS then exit still in fdisk create partition primary dos and set as active

exit fdisk then reboot

on reboot still with floppy inserted at A:\ Prompt type format C:\

this will give you a clean drive to work with
set cd to 1st bootable device insert xp disk reboot then follow instructions

  Major Disaster 10:42 29 Jul 2005

Thankyou for your help Zaphod Beeblebrox. i followd your instructions and booted the pc from the disk instead of starting from inside windows which seemed to do the trick. Thanks

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