pc won't recognize discs

  elbecko 08:43 04 Sep 2009


some of you may have read my other posts regarding having to re-install xp many, many times, so far this install seems ok.

anyway, i just put in some discs so i can download stuff for my printer and camera, however the pc doesn't seem to know that there is a disc inserted.
i never had this trouble in the past so i'm wondering if i've failed to do something in setting up this new xp?

is there a feature of xp you can click on which calls the machine's attention to the cd/dvd drive?

thanks for your future help.

  Technotiger 08:58 04 Sep 2009

Is anything shown in Devices? perhaps a yellow ! by DVD/CD-ROM drives. Probably a driver problem.

  Jollyjohn 09:25 04 Sep 2009

Check the cables are properly attached to the back of the drive.

Does it list the drive in My computer?

  elbecko 10:10 04 Sep 2009

thanks for your replies.

i checked the hardware devices and it does mention an hl-dt-st-dvdram gh20ns10, which i presume is the dvd drive in the tower? forgive my ignorance and lack of technical talk!
it also mentions that i have a dvd/cd/rom too, which is working properly, apparently.

one thing to mention. earlier today i burnt a 'live cd' of the ubuntu os. when i put that in the cd drive it obviously works, so would that mean there is no problem as it recognizes that disc?
still, i won't recognize any music disc or the ones for the camera, etc.

on my computer it has a figure of a little disc player under 'devices and removable storage.'
when i click on it it shows me all the tracks on the music cd i've just put in the drive.

does any of that make sense?

  elbecko 10:41 04 Sep 2009

my wmp11 will not play the music disc, however the 'power dvd' player does.

i just want that little box to pop up everytime i insert a disc that asks what i'd like to do with it, and check which one of the options that are available.

maybe there is simply something i haven't 'ticked' in the preferences/options somewhere? i've had another look but can't see anything.

  elbecko 11:50 04 Sep 2009

this is what has been happening.

i have managed to download the software from the discs by going to 'my computer' and clicking on drive D, which then shows the contents of the disc.

i have managed to play music on the wmp too. what i did was the same as above, and when i clicked on a track i then clicked 'open with.'
i chose wmp and i noticed a box that said, 'use this player for all files of this type', so i clicked it.

however the problem that is remaining is that i do not get asked what i would like to do with any disc that i put in the drive. any ideas?

  Technotiger 13:47 04 Sep 2009

Right-click on the CD Drives Icon in My Computer, then click on Properties and Autoplay, then make your choice.

  elbecko 15:52 04 Sep 2009

thanks for that. however, even tho' i've ticked the box that says to prompt me, it still won't!

i thought that would be the answer for sure, but alas no. this is too weird.

thanks for all the replies guys anyway.

  Technotiger 15:54 04 Sep 2009

I assume you did remember to click on Apply and then OK out?

  Taff™ 16:12 04 Sep 2009

This might be relevant. click here

  elbecko 16:47 04 Sep 2009

yes i did hit apply and ok. i've tried it all a number of times. i just don't understand it, that should of fixed it.

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