PC Won't Powerdown! Help!!!!!!!

  segandy 10:41 23 Feb 2005


A looooooooong tale.

A friend of mine asked me to have a look at his PC as it wasn't shutting down.
I tried all of the suggestions in Windows help, but they didn't make any difference.
I formatted and reinstalled XP, and shut down the PC a number of times manually (ie Start, Turn off Computer, Turn Off) without a problem. I continued to install various pieces of software such as drivers, firewall, Power DVD and Avast anti-Virus, again manually turning off at various stages.
He is a member of AOL and when I installed that there were connection problems, so I tried to shut down manually, but got to the Windows is shutting down screen, where the system hung, after a 'click' inside the tower.
I formatted and reinstalled again, it turned off with just XP installed, but again the PC wouldn't shut down, so I disabled the Network adapter, as suggested by XP's help, and the thing shutdown without a hitch every time.
'Great', I thought.
I installed Avast Anti-virus, and guess what? The thing wouldn't shut down again even after uninstalling it.
As I said I've tried all of the suggestions in XP's help including the ones using MSCONFIG and System Restore.
I don't think it's anything to do with Avast as I successfully shut down with it installed earlier on in the day, and I also had this prob with just XP installed (no drivers).
Does anybdy think it could be the onboard LAN?
I'm currently formatting again and awaiting any help.............................


  segandy 10:44 23 Feb 2005

A bit more info after some more 'dabbling' -

Everytime I put a new piece of software on it does the same thing. If I unplug the PC, turn on and reboot and everything's fine, until I put a new program on. It's not the HDD as I've tried it in my PC without a hitch, and I don't think it's the software as I've tried 2 different copies of XP Pro and a copy of XP Home with the same results.

Possibly the motherboard?

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