PC won't power up

  claluc 10:49 20 Jun 2007

My PC is just 1 year old, no major problems since I bought it.
All the sudden last night it would just not power on at all, as if it was disconnected from the mains.
Checcked all usual things of course, plug, fuses, switches etc, all ok.
Opened case,a green led on mobo (ASUS) was on, switched PSU on/off several times through back switch, this led responded to it accordingly. Also fans briefly turned for a couple of seconds when PSU power switch was turned off.
Removed front on/off pushbutton, pressed it several times, no joy.
I left the room to count to 100 (always a good method to keep calm), when I came back the PC was on!
logged in, all working 100% normal, no error messages whatsoever, just fine.
Turned off normally through Windows and tried to switch it on again, same problem occurred.
done usual manipulation with turning PSU on/off several times and also on/off pushbutton.
After a few minutes PC turned on and worked normally as usual.
Someone told me it could be a faulty mobo, hope not, why would PC run smoothly when on otherwise?
Could it be PSU or on/off microswitch?
I have a spare PSU that I could try out, any other suggestion on top of this?
PS, please don't suggest using warranty, PC is a PANRIX, I was one of the lucky last to receive theirs before they went bust!

  Diemmess 11:12 20 Jun 2007

PSU going home?
Unlikely, but the on/off switch on the cabinet front panel may not be working properly.

You could try swapping the leads to the motherboard between the on/off and the reboot switches.

The PSU is the most likely failure and easiest unit to replace.

Failing that, the Motherboard may have a dire fault not actually switching the PSU on!

  claluc 15:55 20 Jun 2007

Thanks, will try.
What do you mean by reboot switch? where can I find it?

  Diemmess 16:07 20 Jun 2007

Not every computer has one!

On those that do, it is often a tiny dot of a thing on the front panel sometimes needing the point of a Bic to press it in.

Rebooting just just that, but not always a good idea to reboot at a whim, so not every manufacturer fits them.

Don't worry too much about it because these switches are simple. They switch very low currents, and very seldom go wrong.

  keef66 16:24 20 Jun 2007

My money would be on a failing psu. Easiest way to daignose is to borrow a known working psu and bung it in.

Back in 2001 I nearly had a Panrix pc but they went bust before supplying and Barclaycard bailed me out. Then I bought from Multivision who went bust 18 months later! Then I saw Panrix rise again, phoenix-like, only to fail once again shortly afterwards. You were lucky (?) to catch them while they were trading!

  birdface 16:56 20 Jun 2007

You could try it this way, click here

  claluc 23:40 20 Jun 2007

Thanks for the help so far.
I have shortened green and black wires, PSU fan turns on.
Also tested on/off switch on front, this is fine.
As a matter of fact PC has now turned itself on after over 4 hour since I did all this.
Now using it to send this response.
Problem is.........will it power on again tomorrow?
Keef, do you still put your money on PSU? I would love to but am strting to dread a mobo failure.

  johnnyrocker 23:45 20 Jun 2007

sounds to me like a psu with start up caps issues.


  claluc 09:35 21 Jun 2007

You're probably right, PSU has now started to "whistle" on standby.
Have ordered a new one which should come in tomorrow.
Will post on the outcome.

  claluc 18:43 22 Jun 2007

Thanks to all for your help.
Changed PSU and whilst at it increased from 300 to 550W.
All running perfectly now.

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