PC wont let me do anything-What now?

  buel 20:50 07 Oct 2010

Hi, i am trying to help a friend out with his PC,i can get the desktop but when i try to get to my AVG setup file which is on a Memory stick the computer just freezes (i get the egg timer thing and then have to close the program)However, i can easily move the mouse arrow over some of the start up programs in the bottom right hand corner and close them down no problem.
How on earth can i get an antivirus program to work on this PC please?

  mr gee 20:56 07 Oct 2010

Can you get on the net? if you can just "google" AVG and download it direct to the desktop and then run set up from there.

  buel 20:58 07 Oct 2010

Hi, thank you for that! Unfortunately i cannot get on the net as yet...i will try though!

  buel 20:59 07 Oct 2010

To be honest, i managed to get Ccleaner up and running but then whenever i try to use it again that freezes too so AVG will probably be the same!

  lotvic 21:12 07 Oct 2010

Are you able to copy files from the Memory stick the computer HDD?

  buel 21:25 07 Oct 2010

No im afraid not, i right click on them and i get the egg timer for what seems like infinity!

  woodchip 22:23 07 Oct 2010

You should be able to start the computer in Safe Mode with Network Support. This will allow you to run Online Virus Scanners

  birdface 22:24 07 Oct 2010

Try this.It is very quick.

click here

  buel 18:05 08 Oct 2010

Hi again!
Than you to buteman, that seems like an excellent program because i've tried it on my laptop and it was impressive and found a few things but unfortunately it's going to take a while to get this desktop connected to the net so SurfRight wont work unless connected to the net!
On a fairly positive note, i gvot it to safe mode and was able to install Revo uninstaller and uninstall a few programs that seemed suspicious and i was able to copy and paste Revo, AVG, SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes and Defraggler but i could only get Revo and Defraggler to install and run, the other anti virus programs would install but not run, id just double-click them and they refuse to open! AVG did get halfway but it needs an internet connection so that was no good either.
However, when i restarted the desktop and used it in 'normal' mode i was able to use the pen drive and copy and paste (whereas i wasn't before) so im a bit stuck now!
Has anyone any idea what i can do if these antivirus programs wont run please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 08 Oct 2010

What ever virus you have is blocking the AV programs.

Try finding the exe file and rename it then double click to run it.

i.e. for Malwarebytes rename mbam.exe to 1234.exe and the double click on 1234.exe and malwarebytes may then run.

  birdface 19:05 08 Oct 2010

If using I/E try Tools.Internet Options.Connections.Lan settings.
Tick automatcaly detect settings.

Underneat that Make sure proxy settings is unticked.
If there was anything ticked in proxy settings it was probably done by the Virus.
if you removed anything from there try and update your security programs and keep going back to make sure Virus has not taken over proxy settings again.
Or maybe check in safe mode.

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