pc won't install windows properly

  armacomroll 11:39 30 Dec 2011

My pc came with vista installed and I dualbooted with xp. I later did an upgrade with windows 7 over vista leaving me with windows 7 and dualbooted with xp. This worked well for a long period but last week my pc crashed. I now cannot get either vista or windows 7 to install. Thinking my hard drive had failed I replaced it and tried again. The only windows that will install is xp. This will allow me to surf the web ok but won't allow any programmes to install properly. they either hang and won't open or they just fizzle out during installation. I have two memory modules installed and have tested them by removing each one separately to see if one had failed but both give the same result when working with only one in the pc at a time. I'm now stuck can anyone help. The pc is 4 years old.

  johndrew 10:25 31 Dec 2011

I am presuming this is a desktop PC; perhaps you could provide the full specification or manufacturer and model as it may be another component causing the problem.

Have you run MemTest to check the memory?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:15 31 Dec 2011
  armacomroll 15:36 31 Dec 2011

thanks - my pc is a MEDIONPC MS-7318 desktop I have tried a clean install of both vista and windows 7 but niether restarts after installation.Also I have clean installed xp and gone back and tried a repair on XP. I hsve done this on the old hard drive and also the new one. I have tested my memory using Mem Test and that shows no errors. Any suggestions would be welcome.

  johndrew 16:47 31 Dec 2011

What or where do you get to when booting from the Windows CD?

Have you checked BIOS to ensure you are trying to boot from the drive with Windows installed; you could also use and select the drive to boot from.

How many HDDs are fitted? Try disconnecting any 'extra drives prior to installing/booting.

Have you ensured that only the C: drive/partition is set up for the system disk installation?

  armacomroll 17:32 31 Dec 2011

I have changed the boot sequence in the BIOS to boot from CD I have only one HDD fitted to my pc also have only the c/drive partition

When the pc boots up from the CD it goes through the normal procedure of asking for the windows number and setting up the language and keyboard options etc. I always do a clean install of windows. XP will install but throws problems like mentioned . Vista will install but won't restart - just gives me a bluey black screen Windows 7 is an upgrade and doesn't finish the installation it just fizzles out halfway through.

  ICF 17:39 31 Dec 2011

Clear the cmos.Then try again

  armacomroll 17:54 31 Dec 2011

thanks how do you clear the cmos

  ICF 18:05 31 Dec 2011

Take out the button cell battery on the motherboard and leave for a while.

  armacomroll 18:16 31 Dec 2011

thanks I will have a go at that. Will I need try installing windows again

  ICF 08:37 02 Jan 2012

Will I need try installing windows again

Yes give it another try

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