pc wont install anything!!

  nightowl55 14:05 03 Jun 2004

hi all,

my win. me pc will not install any programme i try to install. It d/loads fine.It has been really playing up, so i put norton 2004 on...but wont install.It says i have earlier version on and restart pc to try again, but it never works on restart.I then tried a free antivirus, but the same problem, wont install. This time it said "kernel 32dll".I tried others but none let me install.Is it possible there is a missing windows file or somthing?
driving me batty.......any help appreciated.

  MichelleC 15:04 03 Jun 2004

There isn't a sfc on ME so if any system files need replacing you'll have to install os over itself. Meantime if you visit Symantec and look for removal tool (if it N2004 won't all uninstall via add/remove), then reboot and try reinstalling.

  nightowl55 15:19 03 Jun 2004

hi michelle,
thanks for reply, but what is "sfc"? Also, if i restart pc and then try to re install norton it says same message. also same message when tryin to remove in add/remove.Its actually my friends pc, and i am going round later to run the "trend micro" online scan, as it found a file on my pc called "joke....?" somthing or other!!!!and i have full firewall norton the lot!!!hopefully it will run, as its not an install (i hope).
Actually, when i think about it, norton must have installed, as its in add/remove.The free ones i tried all d/load, but do not install.

  Charence 16:51 03 Jun 2004

Have you checked if you're using an administrator account? If not you're account functions may be restricted and you may not be able to install programs.


  Eastender 18:07 03 Jun 2004

When did all this start? Can you not do a System Restore to a time when all was well?

  citadel 18:46 03 Jun 2004

when you try to install norton it should say earlier version detected. It should then auto remove it and install the new verion all in one operation. This is what happened when I installed norton 2004. Last year when I had problems installing software it turned out to be a faulty cd drive that caused errors, I got a new drive and all was well.

  nightowl55 15:36 04 Jun 2004

hi guys,
thanks for all replies. The install problem is now resolved.I ran the trend micro online scan and it found "60" yes, 60 trojans virus's etc.I dealt with those and then ran the "stinger" and this was clear. Then i ran the CW shredder, it found a couple on that.Now the pc lets me install again, so i installed the free Avast anti virus. I still have big prob. with Norton 2004 and Sys. works, it still wont let me uninstall from add remove, or re-install from disc..........same mess..............earlier version detected, please re-start pc.......which dosn't work!! so now off to symantecsite for answers.But at least my friends pc is still alive!!! and now protected, just need a free firewall for her......any ideas guys?
thanks again.

  nightowl55 15:46 04 Jun 2004

also, for anyone out there (i have read a few where u are having some of the probs. i have been having) the one where u get the "temp then number" message on startup, which if left alone, lets u continue.I found and deleted this temp. file from the temp. folder.Also all the install issues, and lots and lots of pop-ups, well the trend micro online scan did the trick.I needed to go back and dissable sys. restore, as there were lots of corrupt in there( after reading how to dissable it!!!! and run again. Then run the "stinger and th CWshredder" sorry, u will have to do a search for them, no address, but i found them easily.These 3 programmes I chose because of the facilty to install was not working, so i needed somthing that would just "run" so to speak. Hope this helps someone with similar win. me. problems.

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