PC wont boot up - says "boot failure"

  vaughan007 14:26 15 Feb 2004

Hello everyone,

I have a pc that when I try to turn it on I get the message:-

"Boot failure"

Then it says:-

"Insert boot diskette into drive A, press any key when ready"

Or something to that effect.

At some point it has also said:-

"Disk Error"


"Searching for boot record from IDE"

I am beginning to think that my hard drive has self destructed.

But before I run out and buy a new one has anybody got any ideas?



  Sheila-214876 14:32 15 Feb 2004

Give us some specs. What size hard disk, what operating system, how much memory etc...???

  Rayuk 14:32 15 Feb 2004

Can you download diagnostic program from hard drive manufacturers put it on floppy and run it.

  DieSse 14:35 15 Feb 2004

The reason may be a totally faulty drive, or it may be just the boot record corrupted for some reason (sometimes a virus)

As a forst step, try and put in into another working system, and see if you can access it from there (this doesn't need the boot records).

If you can - then you should copy off any data that you can, and you need. then put it back into it's original system and try re-installing the Operating System.

If you can't then I suggest you ask again, as things are more serious.

  vaughan007 15:04 15 Feb 2004

Unfortunately I cannot put it into another system.

There is not data on it that is particularly important.

Shall I just try putting the OS back on and seeing if it works?

40GB, Windows XP, 512mb.

  Rayuk 15:14 15 Feb 2004

Try using the WinXP recovery console as DieSse says use command

  the kopite 15:22 15 Feb 2004

think your hd has self destructed Does it show on post ? and have you check your connections I had this once and it was a faulty cable kopite

  [email protected]@m 15:42 15 Feb 2004

Download a 98 boot disk from click here. Save it to a floppy, boot with that in the faulty PC.

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