PC wont boot properly

  baries 15:33 02 Oct 2011

I have a five year old computer and its devloped a problem. When I boot up it starts ( blue lights come on ) then it goes bee beep ( QUICK) and beep beep;(quick) ,,, beep beep. beep beep; - and all stops. The monitor is blank. If I press the on button I get " no signal input". What could be wrong? Is it fixable? Should I get someone out or just get a new computer?

Its a Cougar. Recommended by PC advisor people at the time. I cant tell you exactly what the spec is as I have long forgotten ( besides I havent a clue about computers really).

Thnaks for any information

  lotvic 00:29 03 Oct 2011

How To Troubleshoot Beep Codes http://pcsupport.about.com/od/nonworkingcomponent/ht/beepcodestb.htm will give you more info and help you decide whether to attempt to do it yourself or get someone to look at it

  wee eddie 04:33 03 Oct 2011

My first port of call would be to Un plug the PC, open the case, blow out all the dust, re-seat the RAM and the Graphics Card, and then Plug in the power and try to re-boot.

  wee eddie 04:38 03 Oct 2011

As you have access to another PC and if you are worried about doing the above jobs.

Go onto YouTube, search for 'Install RAM' or 'Install Graphics Card' and you'll find short movies showing you how to do it. Makes life easier. Just remember to unplug the PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:56 03 Oct 2011

Usually when a machine beeps and will not work its down to memory or graphics cards.

Its possible that one has failed and needs replacing .

However it is also possible that one has worked loose (happens because the computer heats up when on and cools down when off) and you just have a bad connection. if you switch every thing off and open the case you can reseat the memory modules like this and graphics card as follows

  1. Turn off the power and REMOVE the power plug.
  2. Open the case and find your graphics card.
  3. Before touching the graphics card touch the other hand to the metal case to GROUND yourself.
  4. Remove the screw holding the card in place ( usually on the rear frame )
  5. Gently rock the card end to end until it releases completely.
  6. Reinsert the card with gentle but firm pressure until it seats completely.
  7. Put the holding screw back in.
  8. Put the case cover back on.
  9. Plug in the power cord
  10. Turn on the computer.

Video here

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