PC won't boot with monitor unplugged

  TobyR 17:57 28 Jul 2007

I've got an old-ish Pentium III I want to add to my home network (for some non-demanding tasks) and it seems that it won't boot if a monitor is not plugged in to it. This is the first time I remember coming across this - I'm used to having disable keyboard checks in BIOS to stop *that* halting a boot, and on this occasion I've even selected the option 'Do not halt on any errors', but still it doesn't seem to complete POST if there is no monitor. To be honest I'm not optimistic about a solution, becase I've been all through the BIOS settings. Has anyone seen the is issue before adn fixed it, say, with updating the BIOS? Anyway, if anyone's got any ideas or comments I'd be grateful to hear them.

  octal 18:23 28 Jul 2007

Silly question, how do you know it's not booting without a monitor?

Just a thought, boot it with a monitor then unplug it.

  malcolme 18:23 28 Jul 2007

Why would you want to boot a PC without a monitor?

  TobyR 18:54 28 Jul 2007

I know it's not booting without a monitor because if I try booting it *wit* a monitor everything works fine, but if I try *without* then no pOST beep, and no hard-drive action. IT's true I *could* boot it with a monitor, ten unplug the monitor, but that would be more trouble than it's worth (for a start, I want to put this PC at the other end of my study, where the KVM leads won't reach even if I felt like doing that.

As to why I want to boot without a monitor, this server is going to run Ubuntu Linux, and I'll access it via SSH and X Windows.

  SANTOS7 19:00 28 Jul 2007

I think this is related to your VGA card there is some weird incomptability issue that lurks around these symptoms try updating drivers or you may have to change the card to resolve this problem...

  octal 19:16 28 Jul 2007

If it is a VGA card problem as SANTOS7 says, I wonder is it worth removing the card altogether and using the on board graphics, it might be better if you intend to use Linux because it will save trying to find a driver for it if it isn't supported readily.

  TobyR 20:48 28 Jul 2007

Thanks for the tip(s). Unfortunately there is no on-board graphics port for the PC, but I do have another card I can try, so I'll do that.

  woodchip 22:07 28 Jul 2007

No Monitor how will you shut the comp down if it does boot? just pull the plug?????

  woodchip 22:08 28 Jul 2007

It a Simple task to turn the monitor off after the computer as booted

  TobyR 23:08 28 Jul 2007

To shutdown a computer without a monitor I'd SSH in and (for a Linux machine) "[sudo] shutdown -h <now|+number_of_mins_to_shutdown_time>. As for switching a monitor off after the computer has booted, I fully agree that's a simple task - the issue I want the thing to start *without* a monitor in the first place.

Anyway, I'm about to swap out the video card - fingers crossed!

  woodchip 23:12 28 Jul 2007

I think it's your MOBO stopping it booting. Check BIOS to see that VGA is selected

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