PC Wont Boot & Keyboard Wont Work

  MrSheen 01:21 29 Sep 2009

Evening All

My computer must have realised I was looking up component parts to build a new PC because it seems to have gone off in a huff and stopped working.

I was doing some photo editing in Adobe Bridge, it froze, so I rebooted. When I rebooted, I decided to install a copy of Lightroom that I had because Bridge had frozen a couple of times lately. Anyway, during the install process, my PC made the beep that it normally makes during boot up, then it flickered and restarted itself. When it got to the screen that gives you the option to begin in Safe Mode, I couldn't because my keyboard had stopped working. When it timed out and tried to open normally, a blue screen flashed (I couldn't read what it said) and it rebooted. I've tried Del and checked the settings in there, but don't really know what I'm looking for, but the keyboard let me move around in the menus. Came out of there and the keyboard wouldn't work at the Safe Mode screen again. Rebooted again, this time, tried F9 which is the Xpress Recovery menu, but again, the keyboard wouldn't let me do anything. Although, not sure I wanted to choose anything from that menu anyway.

I've had similar issues happen in the past, but have always been able to access windows in safe mode and use a restore point.

I've searched for variations of this problem on here, but there's so many different situations I thought I'd just post again. Apologies if I've missed the answer somewhere else.

Would appreciate any help or shoving in the right direction. My laptop doesn't have any of the software that I use for my photo editing. Typical this happens just as I'm ready to put together my offline system specifically for photo editing! Meh.


  sharpamat 08:48 29 Sep 2009

are you useing a wireless keyboard ? if so replace this with a normal wired keyboard. that should allow you keyboard use and then you can get to safe mode or try last working mode

  MrSheen 09:32 29 Sep 2009

nope, just a normal wired keyboard.

  MrSheen 09:47 29 Sep 2009

Ok, I managed to get the keyboard working by going into the CMOS settings during bootup and changed the USB keyboard to enabled. Now I've got into Windows XP in safe mode, but it's saying that System Restore has been turned off by group policy and to turn it on I need to contact my domain administrator!

Is there anything else I can do now I'm in safe mode?


  kalignorgna 10:03 29 Sep 2009

in the start menu click run then type in cmd and click enter when the comand prompt opens type in chkdsk c: /r and press enter once finished reset and see if your computer loads normaly.

  jacobaug09 11:23 29 Sep 2009

Hello friend, I think it might be due to the boot error or error in loading boot file. In my point of view it may be possible that your windows has been corrupted either due to the viruses or spyware programs.So you should reinstalled a fresh copy of windows.

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:40 29 Sep 2009

Reg Cure is Scamware DO NOT load

  MrSheen 13:05 29 Sep 2009

okay. i ran a scan with my anti virus software and it detected a load of new ones since i last did a scan about a week ago. i had it repair them all and rebooted. it didnt give me the option to go into safe mode now, it gave me a message on a black screen saying:

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


It says that it can attempt to repair it by starting Windows Setup on the original CD-ROM, which I don't have any more because a guy my uncle knows built me the original machine about 6 years ago and I never got any discs.

Is there any way I can repair this file without Windows Setup?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:13 29 Sep 2009

click here

DO you have a floppy drive?

  MrSheen 13:23 29 Sep 2009

Yep I have a floppy drive. No disks for it though. Also, at no point can I get a command prompt to try the commands in the linked thread.

Am going to see if I can find the file using my laptop and try and copy it to CD and give that a go.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:25 29 Sep 2009

(click here).

REcovery instructions zip includes nvatabus.sys file.

Case 3
Your system is unbootable because you tried to use Add/Remove programs on the nForce 2.42 driver kit

Recovering Windows
1. Copy the “nvatabus.sys” file to a floppy disk. This file is included in the zip file that include these instructions.
2. Boot system to Windows XP installation CD.
3. At the Setup screen, press ”R”.
4. This will bring up the repair console.

Which Windows installation would you like to log onto
<To cancel, press ENTER>?

Hit “1” and <ENTER> or the number that represent your Windows XP installation.

Type the Administrator password:

Type password and hit <ENTER>

Insert the floppy disk with the "nvatabus.sys” file into the floppy drive. At the command prompt, type “copy a:\nvatabus.sys c:\windows\system32\drivers” and hit <ENTER>. Once file has been copied, type “EXIT” and hit <ENTER>. This will reboot your system. Remove floppy from system.

5. When the system restarts, hit “Cancel” when all devices are detected
6. Re-install the nForce 2.03 driver kit.
7. Click “Yes to all” when asked to overwriting old files
8. Reboot when install is complete
9. Upon system restart, right mouse click on My Computer and select Properties
10. Select the “Hardware” tab
11. Click on the “Device Manager” button
12. Expand the section labeled “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers”
13. Left mouse click on the option labeled “NVIDIA NForce(TM) MCP2 IDE Controller” or “NVIDIA® nForce(TM) IDE Controller” (your system will only have one of the above options) (See option2.16.bmp)
14. Right mouse click and select “Update Driver” (See option2.17.bmp)
15. Select “Install from a list of specific location (Advanced)”
16. Select “Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install”
17. Select the driver “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”
18. Reboot.
19. After reboot allow device detection.
20. Reboot again.
21. Everything should now be working correctly.

As you do not have a XP CD you can download the 6 XP boot floppies from click here

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