PC wont boot first time

  hilvalen 19:05 03 Jan 2004

When I turn on my PC after flashing through a few screens I get a message "Invalid system disk. Replace the disk and then press any key". After I press any key, it starts up ok. this has only recently started to happen - it used to boot ok first time. It's not a big issue, but any thoughts on hoe to correct it? Thanks.

  Boarder 19:29 03 Jan 2004

Usually a prob like this can be fixed with a BIOS tweak by changing the boot sequence....

  hilvalen 19:44 03 Jan 2004

I am using win ME on a Packard Bell machine. I have not changed the BIOS (at least not deliberately!) Could the BIOS be changed by some other means?

  TommyRed 19:50 03 Jan 2004

I used to get this message whenever I left a non-bootable disk in and restarted. I either had to remember to eject the disk or changed the boot sequence in the BIOS so floppies where read last. Try changing the sequence as Boarder has said, if it doesn't work you can always change it back. HTH TR

  Joe McG 19:51 03 Jan 2004


I've seen this problem a few times, and if it's not caused by a cd/floppy left in the machine, then i have found that the best solution is to shut down your machine, pull the power plug and remove any cards from agp/pci slots. Reseat firmly but gently, then power-up.

  ©®@$? 19:56 03 Jan 2004

if you have a startup floppy disk

boot up off that when you get to the a prompt type

A:\sys c:

then you should see files transfered

take the floppy out and reboot

  DieSse 20:56 03 Jan 2004

It's probably some incipient corruption or a slow startup on the hard drive. So the first time it tries to boot from the drive, it can't, but afetr a few seconds running, when you try again, it can.

Try disabling the "Quick power on test" in the BIOS - this makes the system spend longer checking the RAM - which gives the hard drive a little longer to get going.

However it might be a sign that the hard drive is starting to play up.

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