PC won't boot even with start up disc

  bemuzed 10:11 17 Sep 2005

My daughter was using my PC on game and tried to copy a screen. The screen wnet bank and since then the PC will not boot. It uses Windows Me.
When I switch on I can hear the fan starting and see the lights on the DVD drives come on as I guess thye are checked on start up. Usually at this point the hard disc starts whurring and writing appears on teh screen, but nothing happens. I have tried another screen but it is not that. I have tried inserting my Win Me disc and booting from DVD drive which I have doen before, but that does not work either.
Other threads here describe solvinf problems by starting in safe mode or from the Win Me dic, but I cannot get even that far. Help.....

have you tried to get into your bios to check there

  bemuzed 10:26 17 Sep 2005

I tried that but cannot get in there. Normally I get a screen with options to press buttons and get in but I cannot get even that far.

you say you tried another moniter so I presume the lead is in correctly can you try another graphics card maybe

  daxian 10:31 17 Sep 2005

hi bemuzed.....
sounds like there is a problem with the graphics card ....with the machine unplugged open the box and reseat the graphics card ,see if that will allow the machine to post to screen .

just a thought I heard once of a person who had a similar prob they checked everything and just as they were about to buy a new graphics card they realised they had an extetion lead to the monitor & this had come apart plugged it back together and all was well

  bemuzed 10:36 17 Sep 2005

If it was the graphics card would the machine not boot up and just display nothing? The machine just does not boot. I can hear the hard disc chunder for about 1 second then stop. The hard disc light on the front of the PC stays lit for about 20 seconds then goes out. Usually the hard disc chunders through the whole boot up procedure, but I'm getting 1 second of chundering then nothing.
Or are you saying if there is a grpahics card problem it would stop the PC booting? I'll check all connections.

I think you are right it should do a full boot even if the gcard is duff, but if hdr failure stops the bootup you should still get your bios screen

  daxian 10:43 17 Sep 2005

hi bemuzed...
normally the bios checks for video and k/board/mouse before it will check for drives....
if there is a fault with any of these it usually halts with an error message....so no video/graphics will halt the boot process

I think it is booting so far then displaying an error message which you can not see so if you can borrow another graphics card you should see the error message

if you cant borrow a card buy a cheap one just to sort out the prob

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