PC Won't boot at all

  gonzo1970 17:57 14 Mar 2008

I brought a Phillips Freevents from PC world over 18months ago.
All was well until recently I tried turning it on one morning and it just wouldnt boot at all. I press the power on button and the fans start up but that is it, nothing on the screen, disc drive doesnt open and cannot manually turn it off again, have to just pull the power cable out to stop it.
I am affraid i am not very techie but any help would be great

  Gongoozler 18:06 14 Mar 2008

Failure to boot can be caused by any of several factors, the most common of which is a failed power supply. The only way to isolate the cause is by a process of elimination and substitution. You say that you are not very techie, but to isolate the fault you will need to unplug and remove various parts of your computer.

  Gongoozler 18:17 14 Mar 2008

This is what is involved in diagnosing a total failure to boot.

Remove EVERYTHING that connects to the motherboard except the PSU, processor with heatsink, power switch and case speaker. You should then get an error beep (probably continuous beeping). If you don't get any POST beep it has to be the PSU, processor or motherboard. You can test the PSU with a test set, but really you have to take a guess. The easiest and cheapest part to replace is the PSU, but it could equally be the motherboard that has failed.

  gonzo1970 18:22 14 Mar 2008

I have had it open and changed the bios battery,i was also told to try another hard drive but the connectors on my old computer are different.I am pretty sure the mains power is ok.
I have rung the tech guys at PC world and they have quoted me all inclusive price of about £160
I dont know if this is reasonble or not.

  MAT ALAN 18:25 14 Mar 2008

OR NOT!!!! they cannot possibly quote a price when they have no idea whats wrong with it...

  gonzo1970 18:28 14 Mar 2008

They also quote this price on there web site no matter what is wrong they will fix for this all inclusive price

  woodchip 18:32 14 Mar 2008

if it does not turn off motherboard as had it. will it turn off by holding the start button in

  MAT ALAN 18:32 14 Mar 2008

RIP OFF "no matter what is wrong" if it is your PSU you can buy top of the range for 60 quid therefore they are going to charge you 100 POUNDS an hour to fit it...

If you know anybody that is PC savvy try the tests first that Gongoozler has suggested...

  woodchip 18:33 14 Mar 2008

most likely thing is PSU as blown and took motherboard and may be lots more with it. It did it with one of my computers

  gonzo1970 18:35 14 Mar 2008

if it does not turn off motherboard as had it. will it turn off by holding the start button in
From Woodchip


  woodchip 18:37 14 Mar 2008

Motherboard is cooked. If I was you I would look for another cheap computer

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