PC won't boot up

  jimshall 22:40 27 Mar 2011

My PC will not boot up at all, I just see it search for the CD. The screen stays blank. A clue is that for a short while the PC would boot up once it had been on for a few minutes, but now it does nothing. I wonder if there is a thermal cut-out that's faulty. Any advice would be much apppreciated, it's an old PC but does all I need it to.

  2bathblack 23:26 27 Mar 2011

is it meant to boot from a CD? Remove any CD and see if it will boot from the Hard Drive.

  jimshall 13:16 28 Mar 2011

No it makes no difference whether there's a disk in there or not. I can't get into CMOS setup in any case.

  Jollyjohn 13:22 28 Mar 2011

Possibly a failed power supply - can you borrow one to try?

Are there any beeps coming from the pc as it tries to start - if so they will guide you to the fault.
Google "beep codes" and look for your BIOS / CMOS - Phoenix, AMI, etc.

If you have on board graphics try using it insted of your graphics card.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:06 28 Mar 2011

No beeps but DVD LED lit?

No screen at all?

Faulty PSU, Hard drive or motherboard.

Oerating system W7 VISTA XP?
try booting with with Windows DVD / CD in drive anything happen?

No DVD/ CD try tapping F8 as it boots do you get a mnu screen up?

  Terry Brown 17:50 28 Mar 2011

When you first start the machine are you getting the text on the screen (boot-strapping), before it tries to start windows.

It sounds very much like your PSU (Power supply unit) has failed,.

Try removing everything connected to the computer - Harddrive-USB drives-Printer-Scanner etc, and start up.

It should get to the end of the text and stop with a flashing curser.If that happens conect one harddrive and try again.


  jimshall 09:50 03 Apr 2011

Thanks for advice so far. Have checked all PSU voltages and all are fine so don't want to buy a new PSU just on a hunch that it is the problem. There's no bleeps,no display, just get the CD lights going on and off (maybe as it does an initial boot sequence?) and a few clicks from the HDD. All fans are running. Shame to scrap it as it does all I need but it is 10 years old. Am loathe to take it to a PC repair shop who wouldcharge more than its worth, so if anybody has any further ideas , would appreciate it. The best clue is that the PC needed to warm up before booting up prior to it packing up completely.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:30 03 Apr 2011

"The best clue is that the PC needed to warm up before booting up prior to it packing up completely."

voltages need to be checked under load conditions

Can you try the PSU from another machine?

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