PC wont boot :(

  jimmynugent86 17:34 16 Jun 2009

Ok i just bought some new parts for my comp (motherboard, psu and video card) but now that ive put it all together my comp wont boot...

I rebuilt my old parts and my comp started fine so my cpu, hdd and optical drives should all be ok.

heres my 'new' spec

Processor:Core2Duo E6550 S775 2.33ghz4mb

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3 Intel P43 (Socket 775)(link below)

click here

click here

Graphics card: Asus HD Radeon 4890 (link below)

click here

Memory: 4 x 1GB 240DIMM XMS2-6400 CL5 (link below)

click here

PSU: Corsair TX Series 650watt (link below)

click here

the only thing i can think of is that my psu or memory isnt compatitble with my new board but im pretty they are

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance

  T I M B O 17:39 16 Jun 2009

Dont you have to re-format with a new motherboard ???

  Dave.S 17:23 17 Jun 2009

The problem will be that you are trying to boot from a drive with all your OLD parts drivers installed, you need to reinstall windows and put all the new drivers in for your hardware.
If you have the old system still running you could try going to 'Device Manager' and delete/uninstall all the motherboard and graphic drivers before shutting down and then rebuild with your new parts, this may work and it may not, the only sure way is to reinstall windows from scratch.
Hope this helps.

  DieSse 17:40 17 Jun 2009

Won't boot -

Please say what error messages and/or effects you are getting, and where, in the booting process.

If you've got hardware and/or hardware compatibility issues, then it may not even start up or pass the POST correctly.

Or, as above, that may go OK but the configuration on the drive may not be compatible with your new hardware.

That's why it's important to know exactly what's happening.

  chub_tor 18:11 17 Jun 2009

Here's a good guide for the steps you need to take when changing a motherboard click here

  jimmynugent86 20:44 17 Jun 2009

Thanks for the advice guys but turns out it was something really crazy. The memory will only work in slots 1 and 2 instead of the usual 1 and 3!!

Apparently this happens with a lot of boards, yet i posted this problem on two forums and noone suggested it!

  DieSse 23:09 17 Jun 2009

1 & 3 are not the "usual" slots to put two memory modules in, unless there are 4 slots arranged for dual-channel working - in which case they would be the correct slots.

But anyway, you said you were using 4 x 1GB RAM modules, which is at odds with what you've just described as the problem!

Now do you see why it's essential to describe the problem correctly and in detail - otherwise answers will just be "shots in the dark".

  woodchip 23:14 17 Jun 2009

As DieSse
Will it boot to BIOS? thats first step basically

  jimmynugent86 00:38 18 Jun 2009

To be honest i think your post DieSse is rather unneccessarily patronizing. I dont see how saying i use 4x1 is at odds with the problem?

a.) I use 4x1 ram
b.) now i can only use slots 1 and 2
How is this at odds?

Granted calling dual channel the 'usual' was a mistake on my part and what i meant was the usual for those using dual channel.

Im not having a go, i appreciate all the advice
and help i can get i just think you need to remember that some people myself included might have left certain information out because im not as knowledgeable as others on here

  I am Spartacus 01:28 18 Jun 2009

I would try installing each stick of RAM in Slot 1 which would indicate that they're all working. That could be conformed by using the Windows Diagnostics Tool click here to check each stick.

It is possible that Slots 3 & 4 are faulty. Good luck in trying to RMA it if bought from Overclockers.

  I am Spartacus 01:32 18 Jun 2009

'I would try installing each stick of RAM in Slot 1 which would indicate that they're all working' forgot to add and confirm it boots up OK.

One other thought is that 4 single 1GB sticks may not be able to run at 800MHz due to the demands placed on the Memory Controller. You could try reducing the speed in the BIOS with just a single stick fitted then try all 4.

I can't identify the manufacturer of the RAM you've bought as your link doesn't point directly to it.

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