PC won't boot

  Hetti 18:06 04 Jun 2008

When I try to boot PC it gets as far as the deasktop then everything freezes, and I have to press reset button to close PC down.
I updated to AVG 8 yesterday, could it be linked to that?
Win XP home
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  woodchip 18:10 04 Jun 2008

Start Computer, keep taping F8 as it starts. From list choose Last known good Configuration. If that does not work try Safe Mode the run System Restore to a Old date before the update

  Hetti 18:28 04 Jun 2008

Thanks woodchip
Tried tapping F8 PC doe's not get as far as deasktop before it freezes.
How do I start in safe mode please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:45 04 Jun 2008
  Hetti 18:54 04 Jun 2008

that does not work eithier:>( it just freezes before i get to the deasktop, it does not go into safe mode.
Is thre anything else I can do?

  brundle 18:55 04 Jun 2008

Are you using a wireless or USB keyboard?

  brundle 18:55 04 Jun 2008


  Hetti 18:56 04 Jun 2008

wireless keyboard

  brundle 18:58 04 Jun 2008

That's why it won't bring up the boot menu, plug in an ordinary keyboard and try.

  Hetti 19:32 04 Jun 2008

tried a keyboard with a purple plug (very old one but works ok ) not got a USB, but it still wont bring up boot menu.
On last boot I got onto desktop then tried start.run.misconfig but that was 15 min ago and nothing else happed hour glass is still there. The clock in the task bar is keeping time though, it was froze also last time.

  wis 19:44 04 Jun 2008

as brundle says
on start f8 what do you get
on start del key what do you get

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