PC won't boot up

  andy625 09:09 07 Aug 2006

I have an old P3-600 pc running W2000 which has been running fine for the last 6 months or so. I mainly use it for downloading music (from a legitimate site) and recently downloading files from torrent spy. I have Norton antivirus, which is up to date.

I had the m/c running all day saturday and turned it off at night. Everything was working as usual. Sunday I tried to boot it up, and the machine beeped once just after I switched it on (as it does normally), then it beeped 3 times in quick succession (which it doesn't normally do). The screen remained blank as if it were off except it was switched on and nothing happens. If I push return, you can hear the hard drive doing something, then the m/c it switches itself off.

I haven't messed around with it yet to try and find anything out, but does it sound like the machine is dead??

  daxian 09:28 07 Aug 2006

hi andy625.....
sounds like the graphics card needs to be reseated....over time with expansion and contraction the card may have worked loose.
take off the side and push it back into the slot.
hope this helps....Dave.

  andy625 09:35 07 Aug 2006

Thanks Daxian, I was just going to add the motherboard spec to this thread, however I'll check the graphics card tonight. The machine did feel a bit warm saturday night, thats why I turned it off.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:28 07 Aug 2006

Beep Codes
click here
click here

3 beeps sounds more like a memory problem
also try reseating your memory sticks.
or if problem persists check the memory.

Memory Test
click here
click here

  andy625 10:38 08 Aug 2006

Thanks for the info. I didn't realise there were beep codes that actually meant something!

I tried the pc again last night, and it worked fine. I think it must be related to the temperature as it was cooler in the room last night than on Sunday when it played up.

I've recently fitted some 2nd hand memory strips from a friend at work, so maybe they're the problem. Also the graphics ard was replaced last year so that may need re-seating. At least I'll know where to start next time it happens.

Thanks again.

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